Frisky or emasculated?
Frisky or emasculated?
via Los Angeles Critical Mass

Critical Mass L.A. Facebook Debate: Did Bicyclists Wimp Out In Face of LAPD?

Interesting debate underway on Facebook over last night's Critical Mass bicycling throng on the streets of Los Angeles, which the mainstream media like KNBC-4 duly reported as a "smooth ride," but some riders found it a bit emasculating.

One commenter, Edin Barrientos, says "LAPD finally destroyed" Los Angeles Critical Mass.

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Another rider shot back that: "I know a lot of people [are] complaining about the cops giving citations but then again everyone was warned so it's on them."

Here's the question:

Who is right, if anyone, or was it a mixed bag of experiences last night on the streets of Los Angeles?


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