Couple Investigated In Abduction Of Los Angeles Child, Amber Nicklas, Discovered Living With The Pair Seven Years After The Crime

Los Angeles County authorities on Friday were investigating a Phoenix couple that was raising a 7-year-old girl who had been abducted in L.A. when she was 13-months-old.

The pair reportedly stated that Amber Nicklas was adopted but could not provide documentation. The girl was allegedly taken by three biological aunts who appear to be unrelated to the couple, according to CBS News.

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Nicklas was allegedly kept out of school, had her name changed, as was discovered hidden under a pile of clothes, authorities said.

Sheriff's Det. Jerry Saba said he was hopeful that charges would be filed in the case, according to Associated Press.

He told the news service it was heartbreaking to pry Nicklas away from the couple; she believed they were her real parents. She returned to her biological family Wednesday.


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