The Fountain Valley bum was found mummified inside a 1997 Mercury Marquis
The Fountain Valley bum was found mummified inside a 1997 Mercury Marquis

Costa Mesa She-Bum Drove Around With Homeless Friend's Mummified Corpse In Passenger's Seat For 10 Months

Not even death could part a Costa Mesa homeless woman from her 59-year-old friend -- identified as Signe Margit, another transient known for hanging around Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley -- for the last 10 months.

The former was found to be keeping Margit's mummified corpse in her passenger's seat last Monday, after officers noticed a terrible stench coming from the vehicle on the 2000 block of Tustin Avenue, the OC Weekly reported yesterday.

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Police said they brushed aside a pile of clothes on the seat to find Margit's decomposed body underneath. You know, just chillin' there.


Bums are pretty good at making up stories, but nothing this proud 1997 Mercury Marquis owner could say would make what she did any less disturbing. Still, the driver calmly explained to officers that Margit knew she could use her vehicle if she ever needed shelter. It appeared, the deranged transient continued, that Margit had taken her up on the offer. The last time she had seen her friend alive was last December.

Costa Mesa Police Sergeant Ed Everett told City News Service that police are waiting to see if Margit died of natural causes before convicting the driver of any crime. Christ! Is there really no such charge as Driving Next to a Decomposing Body For Almost a Year?

We've heard of dudes stuffing their daughters in RV freezers and stuff, but at least that took care of the smell. These bum-nanigans are a whole new level of nasty.


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