If you burn it, they will come.
If you burn it, they will come.

Cops Who Smell Marijuana Coming From Your Pad Might Legally Be Able To Break Down The Door And Arrest You

We reported recently how police in California can legally read the texts on your cell phone if they arrest you. Now justices on the U.S. Supreme Court his week have argued that it's okay for cops to break into your pad and search it if they smell marijuana wafting from your fine digs.

Scary, huh?

Welcome to 2011, people. The opinions were expressed this week as the court weighed a drug case from Kentucky in which officers sent to arrest a drug dealer smelled weed coming from a neighbor's residence and, thinking that was the peddler's place, kicked in the door and arrested a man for drug possession.

Not fair, says the suspect.

But so far the court is leaning toward allowing it. Which could give law enforcement massive leeway when it comes to getting into your home without a warrant.

Let's just hope they don't smell a dead body (we kid).

[Dallas News].


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