Cops Surround Home of Teen Behind "Damn Daniel" Video

Cops surrounded the Southern California home of the teenager behind the viral "Damn Daniel" video today, Riverside police Lt. Christian Dinco said.

It was the result of a hoax or, in more contemporary parlance, a swatting, he said.

In fact, SWAT officers did respond to the Riverside home of the video maker, in the 6000 block of Hamilton Drive, at 1 a.m., Dinco said. (The name of the youth was not revealed.)

"We had a call to our dispatch center reporting that the caller had shot his mother in the head with an AK-47," he told us. "We responded out to the house, surrounded it and ultimately determined it was a hoax or prank call after removing the family from the house."

Damn, Daniel.

It wasn't officially a SWAT call-out, Dinco said, but a few SWAT officers did respond.

"We had a lot of police resources to resolve it," he said. "After talking to the family they said they had reason to believe that it may be associated with a YouTube video they posted titled 'Damn Daniel.'"

Now detectives are trying to track down the caller.

"They could be arrested," the lieutenant said. "It is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine. If anyone was injured, it could have been a felony."

"Damn Daniel" is a Vine video series about Riverside area high school students, including Daniel Lara, and their shoes.

Lara is shown wearing white Vans. Someone off-camera says, "Damn, Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans."

A pair of "Damn Daniel"–themed white Vans has been bid up into the six figures on eBay, the New York Daily News reports.

Cops Surround Home of Teen Behind "Damn Daniel" Video
Hi Humor/YouTube


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