Conrad Murray Allowed To Continue Practicing Medicine In California

Conrad Murray, the doctor accused in the manslaughter death of Michael Jackson, can continue to practice medicine in the state of California under a Los Angeles Superior Court ruling issued Monday. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor said fellow Judge Keith Schwartz already gave the last word on Murray's practice, ordering him in Febrary to stay away from administering powerful sedatives.

Murray is accused of giving Jackson a fatal dose of the sedative propofol on the day of the King of Pop's death nearly one year ago.

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Deputy District Attorney General Trina L. Saunders argued in favor of a California medical board request asking that Murray not be allowed to practice in the Golden State while his case winds through the justice system in L.A. While Murray had vowed not to practice in California, his lawyers argued that an outright ban would hurt his income.

A preliminary hearing for the manslaughter case was scheduled for Aug. 23 downtown. Expected pandemonium.

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