Commie Girl: "Pastry Crust Is a Bitch"

Commie Girl: "Pastry Crust Is a Bitch"

Rebecca Schoenkopf, aka Commie Girl, tried her hand at making pies recently on FourStory and found, in the process, an American idyll. Balking at the $7 price of store-bought pies (attention, Trader Joe's), Schoenkopf did the unthinkable and attempted to make one from scratch. In her quasi-fake-diary, she sets out impossible standards:

"I probably spent $6.99 on this motherfucking pie anyway, between the organic apples and the Crisco. It had better be delicious."

An old Patty Griffin song, swipes at the National Review,

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feminist contradictions and a recurring terror of the authoress'

unemployment produce a freebase of thoughts, exclamations and

revelries. ("I am a woman of limited skills, and any prospective

employers will find a load of websites with the word motherfucking attached to my name.") Worth looking into for the baker and satirist alike.


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