File photo of Comic-Con.
File photo of Comic-Con.

Comic-Con: Man In Harry Potter T-Shirt Stabs A Fellow Convention-Goer

A Comic-Con attendee was stabbed over the weekend following an argument over a seat at the annual convention in San Diego that has become increasingly important to Hollywood and its appetite for comic-based franchise films.

The scuffle happened Saturday afternoon at a Universal Studios panel discussion in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. The conditions there were "jampacked" according to the U-T.

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The victim was stabbed near his eye with a pen and was hospitalized shortly after 5 p.m. Saturday. He sustained a minor cut.

The suspect, who was detained with the help of members of the audience at the Convention Center, was said to have been wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt when he allegedly attacked. Police took him away, but it wasn't clear if any charges would be pursued.

Read a detailed, on-scene account of the aftermath of the violence in our sister blog Style Council.


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