Scenery at Coachella 2011.
Scenery at Coachella 2011.

Coachella Hopefuls at USC Tricked Into Dressing Up in Costumes to Vie For Tickets That Didn't Exist

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First nude sex on a campus rooftop. And now 50 unwitting students dressed in ridiculous costumes in the center of the school near high noon. USC is on a roll.

Yeah, turns out the Skull and Dagger club pulled its annual prank last week on fans who wanted to go to the sold-out, three-day Coachella festival in the desert.

A Facebook page announced 10 tickets would go to those who showed off the best getups. They were told ...

... to show up at 1 p.m. last Wednesday and gather near the Tommy Trojan statue on campus, according to the Daily Trojan newspaper.

And that they did -- all 50 of them. Dressed ridiculously. And no, there weren't tickets.

Instead, the ticket hopefuls were treated to the unfurling of a Skull and Dagger banner.


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