Christina Aguilera Goes XXX...Again

I just wanted to make sure everyone on this thing called the Internet has seen Christina Aguilera's "much anticipated" music video for "Not Myself Tonight," another pop song that talks about what a slut/ho/nympho she's suddenly become.

But she's not really like that, she's just like that tonight, k?

No it's not an original concept, and yes XXXtina could use a sandwich or three, but what makes this video more awesome than others is its showcase of a TON of beautifully made fetish gear and sex toys.

Eye spy with my little eye, something that is...

Liquid latex.

A rhinestone bedazzled bit gag.

Latex couture.

A latex hood.

A mysterious stainless steel cuff that is probably for giving great... feedback.

High-5 to the stylists. Low-5 to the choreographers...and a fist bump to her pilates instructor.

But still...the barely clothed, humping/grinding kink-filled comebacks are starting to lose their sizzle.

I mean, chocolate's delicious and a total aphrodisiac -- until you eat the entire box.

Then even the mere smell makes you want to vom.  


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