Christian Audigier's Hancock Park House For Sale at a Discount, Sort of Like His Ed Hardy Clothes

It would be fitting that the purveyor of the cheesiest fashion to hit the world since Hammer pants would be putting his Hancock Park home back on the market at a discount.

After all, Christian Audigier's Von Dutch, Ed Hardy and eponymous labels are widely available, often at more than half-off their original prices, at your local discount clothier (Marshall's, Ross, TJ Maxx).

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That's why we were a little disappointed the French master of tattoo script, glued-on rhinestones and thorny-rose imagery didn't cut deeper into his price and just mark his casa with a "clearance" tag.

No, according to Curbed LA, the residence's asking price has only gone from $8.299 million to $8.265 million.


The seven bed, seven bath place is decorated with a fox fur bead and comes complete with a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

(They say L.A. is shallow and cheesy, but if you look closely its always people who aren't from here who give us a bad name -- and we're not just talking about Mexicans).

Beefy, L.A. bridge-and-tunnel types with spiky hair drinking shots of Patron don't come with the home and will thus will cost you extra.

[Read Laurie Pike's awesome profile of Audigier for Los Angeles magazine here].



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