Chick-fil-A Still Hates Gay People, Maybe

Chick-fil-A Still Hates Gay People, Maybe

Is Chick-fil-A now pro-gay?

Well, last week's reports that Chick-fil-A is succumbing to LGBT activists by halting its contributions to groups that oppose same-sex marriage might have been overblown.

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L.A. has been a hotbed of anti-Chick-fil-A activism: Should the boycott be called off? One blogger points out that, despite the reports, it doesn't appear anything has changed at the chicken chain:

Anne Sorock at Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion argued recently that "the media were falsely reporting that Chick-fil-A had decided to cease donations to 'anti-gay' groups."

Frankly, it's not certain whether or not that's true.

The Los Angeles Times noted last week that the restaurants' continued support of anti-gay groups "remains unclear."

Original reports about the so-called end to Chick-fil-A's anti-gay crusade focused on Chicago Alderman Proco Joe Moreno, who said the restaurant vowed to pull its cash from anti-same-sex-marriage groups. In exchange, he said, he would pull his opposition to a Chicago-area expansion.

But it appears Moreno's assertion wasn't true.

The chain moved to clarify its donations policy over the weekend. But its statement only seemed to confuse matters:

A part of our corporate commitment is to be responsible stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Because of this commitment, Chick-fil-A's giving heritage is focused on programs that educate youth, strengthen families and enrich marriages, and support communities. We will continue to focus our giving in those areas.

Chick-fil-A Still Hates Gay People, Maybe

That policy has applied in recent months, the company says, when its stance on giving vis-a-vis gay marriage has been "mischaracterized."


If you're confused, so are we. But that latest statement about God and marriages -- along with that claim that its policies have been "mischaracterized" rather than announcing a commitment to change those policies -- makes us think that maybe this eatery still isn't exactly a pro-gay utopia.

So buy your chicken accordingly.

[h/t Fishbowl LA].

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