Students get ready to pay more for your education.
Students get ready to pay more for your education.
Cal State Long Beach

Cal State Fees To Go Up 10 Percent: Students Protest In Long Beach

Update: The board of trustees on Wednesday approved the two-tiered hike, including 5 percent for mid-year and 10 percent for next school year. First posted at 6:31 a.m.

Angry students protested outside the meeting of the California State University system's finance committee Tuesday night -- to no avail. The body voted to endorse a big fee hike, 5 percent, and another 10 percent increase for the 2011-2012 school year.

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These fees are climbing faster than the price of gas. The full board of trustees was expected to rubber-stamp the price increases Wednesday, so expect some fireworks at Cal State Long Beach, where they meet.

By next year Cal State tuition will be nearly $5,000 -- $4,884 to be exact.

The state's in dire financial straights and desperately needs students to kick in the extra cash.

Still, getting a shot at a decent education that working students could afford was an integral part of the California dream -- a dream that's dying.

Let's not blame the kids if they give up.

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