The ones that got away.
The ones that got away.

Burning Man Arrests Are Mellow in 2012

Arrests outside this year's Burning Man festival near Black Rock, Nev., were pretty tame considering the psychedelic action within.

The party ended last week but the stats are now just trickling in. They include four felony drug arrests for unknown substances, Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy Armando Avina told the Weekly today. There were also ...

... 13 misdemeanor citations for holding drugs, mostly less than an ounce of pot or, sometimes, just paraphernalia, like pipes, the deputy said.

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The arrest period covers Aug. 22 through Sept. 6, he said.

Burning Man Arrests Are Mellow in 2012

There were seven arrests for driving under the influence and a whopping 472 traffic citations issued, Avina said.

But ... the real action was happening on-site, which is in another county -- Pershing County.

The sheriff there, the only person authorized to speak to the media, we were told, had yet to return our calls.

It appears that other media outlets had trouble getting those arrest numbers as well.

In any case, enjoy the photos by the one-and-only CuriousJosh, below.

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