"Extra cheese and a blowjob, please"
"Extra cheese and a blowjob, please"

Bronx Eatery Offers Side of Prostitution With Their Pizza

"Do you want an orgasm with that?" Not exactly what you would expect to hear from your waitress while you're trying to order a slice of roasted vegetable pizza, extra cheese and hold the olives. Yet that is pretty much exactly what an Italian eatery in New York is offering on their menu. Stadium Pizza, near the Yankee Stadium, (original name, guys) provides all the usual trimmings, and a side order of sex. Apparently, the waitresses and bartenders there are earning their tips through moonlighting as prostitutes.

A former employee named Olga Contreras is suing the restaurant's owners for sexual harassment, which isn't really a big surprise. She revealed to the Supreme Court that she regularly spotted one of her co-workers giving blowjobs to customers, and that the staff frequently nipped into the bathrooms with restaurant-goers, presumably not to discuss their mutual love of pizza.

Contreras also mentions that she was forced to clean up "numerous used condoms", but she herself never sold her body along with garlic bread, while working in the restaurant from 2005 to 2012. Seriously, she worked there that long. She was fired by the restaurant in March. I'm presuming the termination of her employment was a result of her lack of interest in the greasy pizza and even greasier customers.

This isn't the first time that a "special sauce" has been offered along with your sandwich. Remember the great Hot Dog Blow Job fiasco of last month? The owner of a food truck was selling more than just hot dogs. I'm talking about sex acts here, by the way. She was arrested for prostitution, and bear in mind that this is the SECOND time she attempted this particular stunt. I'd like to take a moment to point out the fact that the hot dog truck incident took place in New York as well. What is it with the Big Apple and their new obsession for selling handjobs along with hoagies?


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