Brentwood's second weirdest celeb murder case: Was Marilyn Monroe killed by the Kennedys to cover up Roswell?

Of course not. That's batshit. Why would anybody ask such a thing?

But ask they do, as you can see in this week's Studies in Crap post over on our artsy/awesome Style Council blog. There we take a loving look at Donald R. Burleson's 2003 treatise UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe, which looks like some ironic Mark Leyner kind of thing but is in actuality so serious that its author expresses concern for his personal safety.

Weirdly, Burleson spends less time discussing the UFO crash, which he seems to consider established fact, than he does the Kennedys' womanizing, which he seems to consider controversial. He alleges 1300 lovers for JFk and insists:

"Make no mistake - I consider Robert F. Kennedy one of the most detestable people I've ever heard of, and I would not for a moment try to excuse anything he did. In fact, I can never forgive John Kennedy for telling her Marilyn the things, in the first place, that got her in trouble, and I can never forgive Bobby Kennedy for the ruthless manner in which he saw to it that Marilyn would remain silent."

There's more crazy where this came from over in this week's Studies in Crap!


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