Song Girls vs. Shelley Long.
Song Girls vs. Shelley Long.

Blame USC For All The Immigrants In L.A.

You complain about all these immigrants in L.A., pointing to some of our more colorful, downtown-adjacent environs as hotbeds of foreignness?


But do you ever point the finger at ... USC?

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Yes, our Trojan friends are responsible for much importation of overseas talent, it would seem:

The school boasted this week that for the 11th year in a row it has more international students than any other American university.

Explains the parking situation around Exposition Park, huh?

The annual Open Doors report by the Institute of International Education says USC saw 9,269 international students during the last school year.

Blame USC For All The Immigrants In L.A.
USC / Facebook

That's a lot, considering that undergrads total a reported 17,414 at the Trojan campus south of downtown.

With 2,515 people, the biggest group of international students was from China; India scored second at 1,265, according to the institute.

More than two-thirds (71 percent) of those people are enrolled in graduate-level programs, says USC.

In a statement, the school attributes its big number of immigrants not, as you might expect, to the number of Home Depots in the area, but rather to ...

... its reputation along the Pacific Rim and its commitment to recruiting, which is supported by an expanding alumni base in several Chinese and Indian cities.

Mexico, then, is represented in other parts of the city, apparently.

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