Massive land movement wipes out Vasquez Canyon Road in Los Angeles.EXPAND
Massive land movement wipes out Vasquez Canyon Road in Los Angeles.

Bizarre Landslide Wipes Out Major L.A. Commuter Road in Canyon Country

Mother Nature had a hissy fit yesterday and today, buckling Vasquez Canyon Road east of Bouquet Canyon in the countrified Los Angeles suburbs, pushing up and rumpling a 150-foot stretch of roadway, in some places 20 feet into the air, and dragging Southern California Edison's transmission poles right along with it.

In what looks like the aftermath of the Big One, officials said, "Soil continues to move on the unstable slope pushing up the roadway. Cracks are active and continue to expand; the heave is continuing to rise in height."

Engineers and geologists from Los Angeles County Public Works are investigating the bizarre landslide, which comes during the drought and after zero rainfall. The strange anomaly doesn't threaten any homes, because it's along a very rural stretch.

The "hard closure" of  Vasquez Canyon Road has been put into effect between Lost Canyon Road to Vasquez Way until further notice. Officials with the nearby city of Santa Clarita are recommending Sierra Highway as an alternate route to move between the 'burbs and Los Angeles.


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