Those were the days
Those were the days

Big Rig With 42,000 Pounds Of Christmas Trees Overturns On L.A. Freeway Interchange

Some Christmas-tree lot out there in the big, lonely metropolis of Los Angeles is feeling especially neglected this December morning.

That's because 42,000 of trees-in-limbo are still stuck in an overturned big rig on the northbound 101 freeway interchange with the 110 South, after it managed to tip and skid this morning at 4 a.m.

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The pass is still closed, and will be until...

... about 10 a.m., according to CHP officer Ed Jacobs.

The driver gave another officer a list of the loot inside the "trunk": nothin' but trees. Jacobs has no idea how many, exactly, but says he and other officers have been trying to figure that out all morning.

"Funny you should ask -- we were debating that," he says. "We were thinking if you take 42,000 pounds, and you figure the average tree weighs like 50 pounds... [then he subtracts the weight of the truck or something; who knows how these CHP fellows do their math] and we came up with 800 trees."

He adds that we'd be crazy to use that in a real news article. Oops!

According to Jacobs, the driver sustained minor injuries, and some coolant and engine oil may have spilled at the crash scene. Other than that, a large backup of cars wasn't really a problem, considering the crash occurred between freeways.

Keep it that way: Steer clear of the overpass for at least another hour. As for those poor, shaken trees -- may you find a good home this holiday; one that helps you forget your dark, troubled days of life on the road.


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