Someone should be arrested for this.
Someone should be arrested for this.

Beverly Hills Botox Bust: Business Doing Cosmetic Procedures Searched After Patients Allege They Were Injured

Oops. The state Medical Board now says the place in question is in West Hollywood, not Beverly Hills.

Those Botox parties you hear about, where you can go get a shot in the lips and look like a Frankenstein version of Angelina Jolie? Well, unless a doctor or a registered nurse under a doctor's supervision is plunging that needle into your Hollywood face, it's illegal. (And it has to be done in a medical facility, unless a doctor is there).

That according to what Christine Valine of the California Medical Board told the Weekly today.

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In fact, the occasion of our conversation was a Botox bust right here in West Hollywood Beverly Hills:

Medical Board authorities (do these people have badges and guns?) served a search warrant this week at Calayan Medical Clinic in WeHo B.H. after it was alleged to be offering "cosmetic surgical procedures" without a license.

One of those procedures included Botox treatments, according to board statement. Another was described as laser treatments.

Our reading of the board's statement: People who were not doctors were allegedly doing this stuff.

Dear rich old white ladies: You're really going to let someone who is not a doctor take a laser to your face?

Well, somebody complained. And some patients, says the board, were injured by the frigging lasers.

According to the board statement:

Investigators from the Board's Operation Safe Medicine conducted surveillance and an undercover investigator, posing as a patient, obtained evidence that an unlicensed female represented herself as a licensed medical doctor, diagnosed a medical condition, and performed laser treatments.

The case was referred to the L.A. County District Attorney's office for possible prosecution (or not).

So the next time you're at a Botox rager, be careful. That woman next to you with the huge, fake lips and permanent look of surprise might just be an undercover agent.



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