Bath salt can be 'done' off mirrors too.
Bath salt can be 'done' off mirrors too.

Bath Salt is the New Cocaine: Listen Up, Charlie, Lindsay, Paris ...

Charlie Sheen can put this in his briefcase and not even have to worry about authorities: Bath salt. That's right, bath salt is the new cocaine and offers intense highs, hallucination and energy and feelings of anger.

Yay! What's not to like? The bath tabs that contain mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) can be broken up and snorted just like coke, too.

(Talk about killing two birds with one stone: Get your sexy salt bath on and party like a porn star at the same time). But ...

... (cue Debbie Downer), U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer wants to ban these particular products after poison control centers in California and elsewhere reported getting calls from bath-salt overdose victims.

Bummer. Schumer:

"These so-called bath salts contain ingredients that are nothing more than legally sanctioned narcotics, and they are being sold cheaply to all comers, with no questions asked, at store counters around the country."

The DEA issued a warning about the salts last month. Because if you want to keep kids in the dark about hot new drugs, announce to the world that they're available legally.

"It's appealing to kids because it is legal, because you can get it on the Internet," toxicologist Dr. Josef Thundiyil of the Orlando Regional Medical Center told Time magazine.

There you go. Now stay away (from Bed Bath & Beyond -- they don't have it).

Morbid thought: The first celebrity to overdose on this is going to be really embarrassed. (What did he do? Bath salt, man).


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