Banksy has left town.
Banksy has left town.
Pia Mia

Banksy's Valuable 'Crayon Soldier' Piece in Westwood Removed

Banksy has left the building and so has much of his art, seems like.

After his art was spotted on the back of a Westwood Urban Outfitters last month in the weeks ahead of the Academy Awards, where the Brit vied unsuccessfully for a best documentary Oscar, a Facebook page to protect the valuable work was formed.

Looks like wasn't too successful, either ...

... because the piece appears to have been removed or painted over.

The artwork had been vandalized, and some believed that it was an attempt to whitewash it.

Singer Pia Mia, who lives in the area, tipped us off and sent us the photo of the wall that was once home to "Crayon Soldier."

Urban Outfitters stated that it was all for saving the piece (a Banksy book was a top seller at the fashion chain), but that whether it stayed or went was ultimately up to the building's owner.

Banksy's 'Crayon Soldier' before it was removed.
Banksy's 'Crayon Soldier' before it was removed.
Ted Soqui

Another of Banksy's works, "Livin' the Dream," was removed from a Sunset Boulevard billboard and crumpled up last month.


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