Arnold Schwarzenegger: If you can't afford your divorce, get rid of the jet
Arnold Schwarzenegger: If you can't afford your divorce, get rid of the jet

Arnold Schwarzenegger Turns Cad -- Again -- over Divorce Fees: He Refuses to Pay for Maria Shriver's Attorney

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a real tin ear about his impending divorce from Maria Shriver, how the public feels about him, and how to avoid adding to his sad reputation the new title of Reigning California Cad. Arnold is insisting that Maria pay her own divorce attorney's fees.

Hey man, it doesn't matter that Maria Shriver shares in your $400 million estate. What matters here is what a man should do once he's caught fathering a child with a house staff member while lying for years and pretending to be a true blue, wonderful husband.

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Doesn't a man who knows he's rotten simply agree to the attorney's fees, take his lumps and try really, really hard to reform his shattered public image?

But City News Service reports instead that:

In papers filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Schwarzenegger's lawyer, Bob Kaufman, also asks that both sides pay for their own attorneys' fees.

When she filed for divorce July 1, Shriver, through attorney Laura Wasser, asked that Schwarzenegger pay for the services of her lawyers.

Cough up the cash, Arnold.

Suck it up, change out your media crisis consultant for somebody who knows what he is doing, and try to begin rebuilding from one of the most complete and most avoidable public falls from grace in recent California memory.


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