Apple Zombies Queue up for New iPhones, as Torrance Robbers Swipe 30

Hordes of hollow-eyed Apple addicts stood in line overnight for the chance to buy the new iPhone 6. But in Torrance, some robbers decided not to wait.

Two men broke into the AT&T store at the Del Amo Fashion Center mall just after 9 p.m. on Thursday, and threatened the cashiers. They made off with about $30,000 to $40,000 worth of Apple merchandise, including iPads and at least 30 of the new iPhones, Sgt. Paul Kranke said. The suspects remain at large.

Elsewhere around the Southland...

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... it looks like the lines were especially bad in Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica and Pasadena. Here's the scene in Manhattan Beach:

Those are some highly engaged individuals. 

There were reports of unruliness at the Cerritos mall, where sheriff's deputies were called to keep order. And in Pasadena, union activists showed up to protest the exploitation of low-wage service workers in Silicon Valley.

All that didn't rain on this guy's parade... 

Who says the economy is terrible?


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