"11 Percent Mayor"
"11 Percent Mayor"
Kyle T. Webster

Antonio '11 Percent' Villaraigosa Needs Time to 'Reflect' About Running For President in 2016?

Alice Walton (a.k.a. The City Maven) reminded us that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa continues living on his own planet these days, discussing with a radio host in Iowa how he may or may not run for U.S. president in 2016.

With only nine months or so until he leaves office in 2013, Villaraigosa is undoubtedly on a ramped-up effort to find his next high-paying gig and a new bachelor pad to live -- he currently resides at the mayoral mansion in Hancock Park.

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In 2008, L.A. Weekly took a long, hard look at Villaraigosa's daily schedule over a ten-week period. We found he spent only 11 percent of his time working on a nuts-and-bolts issues. It would be a hoot to get a copy of his current schedule.

With his frequent trips out of town to campaign for President Barack Obama, we wouldn't be surprised if Villaraigosa is averaging LESS than 11 percent on the real work of managing America's second largest city.

In fact, we can't wait to see what Villaraigosa does once the new year comes around.

By that time, the L.A. mayoral race will be in full swing, with the primary in March 2013 and a runoff in May. Will he surmise that his job is over and take a gig at the White House if it's offered, attempting to leave office early?

Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan will probably have a pension reform initiative on the May 2013 ballot. Will Villaraigosa get involved in that political war between Riordan and the City Hall political establishment?

Villaraigosa keeps telling people he wants to "reflect" about any next moves, but we can't see him sitting still for longer than 10 minutes to do that.

And what in the heck is he going to "reflect" on? What's the best job that can assure him a three-man security detail, a free car with free gas card, and a free place to live?

It would be fantastic if Villaraigosa would tell a reporter that he's not even thinking about his future at all -- all he's concerned about right now is finishing the job he was elected to do in Los Angeles.

Even if Villaraigosa doesn't mean it, we'd love to see him say that. He's certainly not saying that now, which, of course, is a worrying sign that he already considers himself off the clock. We hope our hunch is wrong.

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