Houston, we have a sale.
Houston, we have a sale.

Anjelica Houston's Venice Pad to Become Social Club With 'Gourmet Bathing'

Leave it to a star of the 1960s to endorse turning her Venice home into a "social club" that offers "gourmet bathing" (what, are the bath salts organic?).

Page Six reports that the great Anjelica Houston, a.k.a. Morticia Addams from The Addams Family, is set to sell her Venice compound known as "The Fortress" to Venice Social Club Holdings for $12 million.

As part of this groovy deal ...

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... Houston would take a seat on the club's advisory board.

The 13,775-square-foot residence at 69 Windward Avenue was designed by Houston's late husband, sculptor Rober Graham, and built in 1994.

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Along with the bathing the $2,000-a-year membership club would include, according to Page Six ...

... a farm-to-table restaurant, gallery, screening room and cultural programming.

Ah yes. Hippies with money. How 2012.

[h/t Curbed LA].


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