Animal Rights Activists & Lab Researchers to Hold Rallies at UCLA

Activists holding diametrically opposed viewpoints on the use of animal testing in research laboratories will come close to crossing each other's paths this morning. At 10:30 a.m., the Marin County-based In Defense of Animals will hold a press conference and rally outside UCLA on Westwood Boulevard and LeConte Avenue; the event is part of World Week for Animals in Laboratories.

One hour later at the same spot, UCLA Pro-Test, formed by neurology researcher David Jentsch, will hold its own demonstration. The group, which is comprised of animal-testing advocates who oppose violence against researchers,  will meet at 11:30 a.m., prior to a noon march to the campus' Court of Sciences, where speeches will be given. Tom Holder, a spokesman for Pro-Test says there will be no confrontational overlap of the two sides' rallies. (In Defense of Animals did not return a call by the time of this post.)

The events come against a backdrop of this week's arrest of two

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animal-rights activists on charges of criminal intimidation. The

charges were filed by the District Attorney's office. Earlier this

month KPCC FM had invited Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a media spokesman for the

North American Animal Liberation Press Office, and Jentsch to an on-air

debate on their positions. Jentsch, an associate professor of

psychology and psychiatry who conducts research into addiction,

declined to appear.


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