Andrea Adame.
Andrea Adame.
Fontana PD

Andrea Adame Told Folks She Was Going to Coachella Before She Went Missing: Cops Say Teen Hitchhiked to Texas Instead

A 19-year-old Southern California girl told her parents she was going to Coachella last weekend. Instead, she ended up missing.

The story, however, only gets better.

Because, Fontana police now say Andrea Adame essentially used the three-day concert in Indio, California as an excuse to play hooky. Fair enough. She had something better to do than attend America's greatest music festival?

Eh, not really.

Family members were scared too: She's a student at Cal State San Bernardino and was a no-show for classes this week.

Cops told the Weekly Adame was found unharmed in Waco, Texas. And the most bizarre aspect of the story is how the teen got there:

She hitchhiked, catching rides on big-rigs at truck stops, according to Sgt. Billy Green. Wow. Way to end up dead in a shallow grave at the side of a road (no offense, truckers).

She's alive, well and it good mental health, police say. Her parents are arranging for her return to Fontana.

Okay, big question: Why? We don't know.


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