The color of downtown L.A?
The color of downtown L.A?

American Apparel Gives Los Angeles Neighborhoods Their Own Nail Polish Colors: What Shade Is Your Community?

So Los Angeles, tell us, what color are you? West Hollywood would be a rainbow of light, of course. And Compton? Red or blue. Beverly Hills? Gold. Maybe platinum. Huntington Park? The "tricolor" array of the Mexican flag. These are just guesses.

But American Apparel has some of the shades of L.A. worked out as part of its new Nail Lacquer nail polish line.

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Here's what AA says about our tones:

Echo Park? That community near downtown gets a steely gray. Downtown is somewhat of a crimson. Rosebowl is, not surprisingly, a rosé. Palm Springs looks salmon to us -- desert sand with shades of pink.

Malibu Green is as turquoise as the water at Surfrider state beach. And MacArthur park gets a light shade of pea green -- the color of the stale Mexican weed you can buy there for $20 (not that we'd know).

[The Eastsider LA].


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