Air Sex Returns To Los Angeles
Drew Tewksbury for the Weekly

Air Sex Returns To Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is the capital of real sex, what with our globally potent porn industry and all -- not to mention Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt and the lingerie biz.

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But what about faking it? You'd think we might be good at it, seeing that we're also the home of Hollywood and all that is insincere. We're going to get our shot at finding out as the Air Sex Championships come to L.A. next month:

The party happens Nov. 27 at the Satellite in Silver Lake. Organizers are looking for entrants. They sent us this info:

Air Sex Returns To Los Angeles
Shannon Cottrell for the Weekly

The most important sporting event in the world, The Air Sex Championships, is returning to Los Angeles to add a West Coast champion to the National Finals round held next Valentine's Day weekend in Austin, Tx. Anyone can sign up to compete just by contacting New Orleans-based comedian and host, Chris Trew. Interested competitors need to prepare a 2-3 minute routine where they are making pretend love to an invisible person or object.

Did you hear that, people? Anyone can participate.

Porn stars would kill this competition. And they wouldn't even be disqualified as ringers? Anybody have Ron Jeremy's number?

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