Superheroes can return to Hollywood Boulevard.
Superheroes can return to Hollywood Boulevard.
Ivan Fernandez

Actor Howard Ferguson Says He'll Be 'Honorary Sheriff' For Hollywood Boulevard Superheroes

Can the Hollywood Boulevard superheroes live in harmony?

One man says its possible -- that with his help as "honorary sheriff" on the Walk of Fame near Highland Avenue the superheroes can make an orderly comeback. A judge last week ruled the city can't prevent them from performing and asking for tips in the area.

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Actor Howard Ferguson says he'll regulate the area he loves so much in order to bring the color and entertainment of the superheroes, some of whom went to Las Vegas following a police crackdown in June, back to life on the boulevard.

He tells the Daily News:

"For the businesses east of Highland, having characters and street performers is the most economic way to get customers. I could work as an honorary sheriff and monitor these guys."

Ferguson thinks the logical place for the superheroes -- whose aggressive panhandling and sometime fights over tourists inspired the LAPD to sweep them from the boulevard -- is east of Highland, not west, where they had been hanging out.

Not everyone would welcome them. Kerry Morrison, executive director of the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance:

"We don't disagree that the area (east of Highland) needs some attention, but bringing back the characters isn't the solution," she told the DN.


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