20-Year-Old Had His Teeth Knocked Out During Robbery Of His Medical Marijuana Stash

A 20-year-old had his two front teeth knocked out by a street robber in the Inland Empire who wanted his recently obtained stash of medical marijuana, authorities say. The pot mugging took place about 9:15 p.m. Wednesday at Cypress Avenue and Hibiscus Drive in Redlands, according to the Inland Daily Bulletin. After the victim described the robber and his older green Toyota Camry, it didn't take cops long to catch up with a suspect.

Gregory Lee Brooks, 19, was arrested at his home in connection with the pot mugging. Police say he took less than an ounce of weed that had been inside a baggy. Is there a lesson here, kids?

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Yes. Treat a visit to your local pot shop like a trip to the ATM: Don't be flashin' your green.


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