Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

13-Year-Old Miranda Hemphill Abducted By 22-Year-Old L.A. County Sex Offender -- Dad Reaches Out Via YouTube

[Update: Hemphill and her abductor were discovered in a car together on Las Vegas Boulevard around noon and taken into custody. Originally posted at 8:15 a.m.]

Best way to communicate with your 13-year-old daughter, en route to lord-knows-where on the arm of some creepy 22-year-old with a history of sex crimes against minors? YouTube, of course! [Video after the jump.]

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"Help!" the girl's father pleas in his social-media debut, sure to go viral. "My little daughter, Miranda Paige Hemphill, age 13, left her home early Sunday morning, October 24. A man named Ivan, age 22 -- he friended her through the Internet, via texting."

Guess he thought if Ivan the Sex Offender could get her attention through the Internet, so could he! Only Miranda's dad one-upped the bastard: He friended her via video texting.

Oh, you interwebbin' now, Pops.

The two suspected runaways left Hemphill's Victorville home at about 2 a.m. yesterday, and are thought by authorities to be traveling in Ivan Lopez' gray- or white-primer 1973 Chevrolet van, California license number 2CIW894.

Congratulations, Ivan the S.O., on owning the most sex-offensive ride ever.

And as for you, Miranda: He called you his hummingbird, for god's sake. Come home.


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