Newly Named Evans & Welch CEO Ashton Shanks Used To Intern For Company

The American Dream is alive and well. Each and every day, and through this pandemic, there are more and more success stories that prove that if you have a passion, work hard, and learn your trait well, anything is achievable!

The latest success story comes from Evans & Welch, the parent company of Traffic & Funnels and SalesMentor, that has many clients across Los Angeles and the rest of the country. The company announced recently that their new CEO would be Ashton Shanks, a young entrepreneur who actually worked for free and also used to intern for the company (Traffic & Funnels) before leaving it in 2020 to start his own company, Hemon Media.

Using the skills he learned along the way in his position as an intern and Director of Advertising at Traffic & Funnels, Shanks scaled his own company from $0 to $500K+ per month in only 24 months; He also went from zero full-time staff to 35 in that short period.

It’s the true comeback story with a little twist, and now Shanks is back running the company that first trained him and gave him his start and nickname as “The Savage Media Buyer”.

In a statement to the media upon being announced as the company’s new CEO, Shanks said, “I started at this company working as an intern… I’ve watched it grow and evolve and I’m so excited to help bring our products, our team, and our vision into its next season.”

Shanks will remain as CEO of Hemon Media as well, but now will be able to bring even more to the Evans & Welch empire.

Traffic & Funnels: We help consultants & expert businesses scale by teaching them client acquisition strategies, sales training, and operations development.

SalesMentor: We help sales professionals increase their monthly commissions & revenue produced through advanced sales training.

Hemon Media: We are a direct response advertising agency for brands spending at least $30k per month on paid traffic. We are one of the best in the world at media buying on Facebook, Google, & TikTok. In the last 12 months, we’ve spent over $35M on behalf of our clients at an average return of 457%.

And as we here in Los Angeles see our way out of the pandemic, Shanks spoke to us directly and exclusively about his own advice he’d give business owners who are trying to navigate the ever-changing climate: “In a world like today, the key is adaptation. Our social economics and cultural tendencies have been in massive flux over the past 3 years. People must remember this and not expect the world, our peers, friends, or even family to act the same as they did in 2019. Remain flexible but also realize that any time massive changes happen in the market, MANY new opportunities will open up so you must always be on the lookout.”

With his new role and companies taking over the media buying map, Shanks is looking to take on more clients who own a business or are starting one that has expert skills. (Example: Life Coach, Pregnancy Coach, Advertising Experts, Business Coaches, Fitness Coaches / Consultants, etc). As well, his SalesMentor team is always looking to connect with sales professionals that are looking to level-up their sales ability to make more money.

Right here in Los Angeles, Shanks has helped scale multiple celebrities and companies. Some of which include: Flow Research Collective / Steven Kotler, Watch Gang, LivFresh and Netflix “YOU” series actress, Ambyr Childers who says, “I have been so fortunate to have found such an amazing company [with Ashton Shanks] to grow my brand. It was great to have professionals who could explain Facebook and email marketing to me.”

Taylor Welch, the man who first gave Shanks his shot, couldn’t be more excited to have him now lead the way, announcing, “The next season for these companies will be the best we’ve ever seen. There is nobody else with the caliber of experience or vision that can match what I believe Ashton can do. The companies couldn’t be in better hands!”

The American Dream is well alive, and Shanks has proven that, and is now using that to help others reach their own dreams/goals too!

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