New York Time Square Billboards Featuring a Bosnian Model, Elvisa Dedic, Who Started From Nothing

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The ascent to the top of the mountain is not a simple one. People have the propensity to gloss over the difficulties that are there behind the scenes a lot of the time. It is problematic. A significant amount of working through the night, staying up all night, making sacrifices, and exerting tremendous effort were all required. Trolls are people who follow you around to gain influence, people who stalk you, and other types of people who behave similarly. It is not a simple undertaking. Elvisa Dedic comes from a low-income family and makes it big through her hard work, talent, and skills. She proves that hard work can bring you up enough to touch the sky.

She started with very little, but she put forth the effort to improve her circumstances over time. It is quite an accomplishment to have made one’s way from being a poor Bosnian child who had to grow up during the war with very little to eat to being shown on billboards in Times Square in New York City. It was quite a difficult journey for the child, who was forced to grow up during the conflict. Even if only one person took the time to read her story, she would consider that to be a great achievement. Her idea of being successful is to positively impact other people’s lives and pass on some of the knowledge and experience she has learned to the generations that will follow her.

Who is Elvisa Dedic?

Elvisa Dedic is a well-known fashion blogger and brand ambassador, says Daily Reuters. Since PrettyLittleThing helped get her foot in the door, she’s been working in the fashion sector. Moreover, she is the CEO and founder of Elvisa Cosmetics, a beauty products firm.

Elvisa Dedic has loved glitter and glimmer since she was a young girl. Her eyes sparkled with excitement and wonder as she watched her mother put on cosmetics. Elvisa Dedic’s love of makeup and the art of cosmetics is a passion that has only deepened over the years.

She put in a lot of time and effort to perfect the style and technique of applying the most popular cosmetics across the decades. As a result, she has mastered the art of cosmetics to the point where she can symbolically represent any concept related to it, be it style, fashion, glitz, religion, or even art. Elvisa had a head start because she learned everything she needed to know about maintaining a beautiful appearance. The new cosmetics style is a stunning extension of her already stunning beauty.

Elvisa Dedic received her bachelor degrees in criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of Florida in 2019. Throughout her time at the university, she had a perfect 4.0 GPA. Elvisa was accepted to law school on the strength of her high grades and impressive resume. Since her father was a police officer, she always had an interest in practicing criminal law. Seeing her father’s career and work ethic inspired her to follow in his footsteps and study law.

She worked as a judicial law clerk for Judges at the Duval Local Courthouse while completing her Bachelor Degrees. The activity was related to her coursework. She began a running blog and became a recognized social media influencer while also pursuing her bachelor’s degree. To add to that, she will soon become a criminal defense and entertainment lawyer after law school.

Elvisa Dedic Journey Bottom to Top

She and her family immigrated to the United States when she was 11. Her move to the United States prompted her interest in the fashion industry. She achieved her goals by strategically using social media, especially Instagram. For Elvisa, it was a springboard to stardom, financial success, and widespread acclaim.

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Two major fashion brands approached Elvisa with the offer to become their brand ambassador after seeing her work as a model for them on Instagram. Pretty Little Thing’s bid was the first, followed by Fashion Nova’s. While employed by these illustrious firms, Elvisa acquired valuable experience. Her flexibility, self-assurance, and skills, among other professional qualities, were bolstered.

Elvisa Dedic finally established her long-awaited cosmetics line after gathering all the necessary information about the business. Elvisa Dedic founded Elvisa Cosmetics on July 16, 2021. She is the top executive at her cosmetics company, which offers a wide variety of products like lipstick, lip scrub, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, highlighters, and even beauty bags. You can buy these items directly from her website.

More and more people hear about the company, and the company’s clientele is growing as a result. It attracts hundreds of regulars from all walks of life and economic statuses daily. The company is starting to gain international recognition due to the excellent quality of its products and the wide fame of its founder, Elvisa. Elvisa Cosmetics has more than 102K followers on Instagram. Customers can also check out the company’s items by visiting the business’ Instagram profile. They are transparent with the data they have regarding their stock, and they constantly.

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