It feels like we say this every year, but we are SO ready to leave the past year behind and embrace the new! We are dedicating this one to enjoying and enhancing ourselves. Join us in making 2022 the ultimate year of self-care and self-love. From at-home rituals and routines to new adventures and local happenings, here are a few of the experiences we are excited to give ourselves, making 2022 the best year yet!


Kean Health

Did you know there is a whole world in your gut?

Your gut is an ecosystem of good and bad bacteria living in your belly. It impacts your digestive system and influences your physical and emotional well-being. Take your health into your own hands and get to the bottom of what’s going on inside your gut with Kean Health. Our Gut+ test allows you to discover the world of your gut microbiome from the comfort of your home. Stop guessing. Start testing.

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Yoga Circle Downtown

What matters more, chronological or biological age?

This is our founder Knekoh Frugé expressing herself at 57. Join the Yoga movement and express yourself with us. Take control of your physical & mental health and defy the calendar.

  • Live Streaming Yoga Classes
  • Videos on Demand
  • Yoga Therapy & Private Lessons
  • Corporate events to uplift your staff
  • Change your Mind, Change Your Life!



Celebrate Valentine’s Day with us!

Create new memories with your significant other & express your love with a romantic couples massage. Cuddle inside our copper tub with a romantic soak, for an unforgettable experience.

Astro Gong Yoga

Astro Gong Yoga is a sound healing and yoga studio, with an astrology-informed approach, offering an authentic and inclusive community in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles. Their schedule includes in-person Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga plus meditation, sound healing and astrology classes seven days a week. In addition to this, they have regular weekend workshops all designed to sustainably rejuvenate and rebalance your mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual Chakra Studio

Spiritual Chakra Studio Specials:

7 Chakra Reiki Healing Session $77

Love, Psychic or Tarot Reading $30

Tarot Reading & Reiki Healing Session $100

We believe there is Victory in spiritual healing to help you overcome all life’s obstacles. Hidden deep within is the answer and we are here to aid you in receiving that insight. Learn about the Body Mind & Spirit, discover your authentic self, release doubt and fear, heal from the inside out.

Everlasting Comfort

Everlasting Comfort made with premium memory foam, our products use your body heat to soften and conform around your butt, back and feet for total comfort. Our products are designed to exceed your every expectation in quality and comfort – with each product going through a rigorous testing process to ensure functionality, durability, and safety. We source responsibly and aim to offer affordable products that benefit everyone.

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Rare Cannabinoid Company

Lose Weight & Gain Energy with Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THCV Gummies.

Get your New Year’s Resolutions back on track with appetite suppressant THCV. This hemp-derived cannabinoid is a stimulant that boosts energy and focus while decreasing hunger and easing nicotine and other addictions. Rare Cannabinoid Company sells the strongest, tasty, vegan THCV gummies as well as THCV oil tinctures. The Hawaiian wellness brand also offers CBDA, CBD, CBDV, CBC, CBG, CBN, and more.

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