Created by PhytAge Laboratories, Nerve Control 911 is a calming nerve formula designed to help protect the central nervous system. According to the official website, this groundbreaking nerve protection formula contains only natural ingredients delivered directly to the body to support nerve health.

Neuropathy is a widespread condition. Conservative estimates show that around 20 million people suffer from neuropathy in the United States alone. The condition’s pain can increase significantly over time. Some people can live regular, fulfilling lives with neuropathy, while others suffer from severe symptoms, preventing them from walking, or doing other daily activities.

There are several causes of Nerve damage and neuropathy. The most common causes include diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, infections, alcohol abuse, and more. People with obesity are often at the highest risk of developing nerve damage and all the adverse side effects associated with this condition.

In any case, neuropathy is a difficult illness to contend with millions of Americans every year suffering from this severe problem, and the traditional medical community doesn’t always have much to offer. Treatments for neuropathy typically depend on the severity and the cause of the symptom. For example, men and women whose neuropathy is a result of type II diabetes might be primarily treated for their diabetes in hopes of also resolving their neuropathy.

Many consumers have turned to the supplement industry to treat their neuropathy more effectively. This niche sector of the broader supplement market is massive and continues to grow. Some studies have proven that certain ingredients contained within real substances can help address the root causes and manage the symptoms of neuropathy.

Nerve Control 911 is a very prominent supplement in this market. According to the official website, using Nerve Control 911’s patented formula can help people deal with constant neuropathy pain. For people with diabetes, this can be a significant way to address the specific symptom while still following the doctor’s orders to treat diabetes itself.

To learn more about this supplement, today’s review will address everything you need to know about Nerve Control 911, as well as the company and the science behind it.

What is Nerve Control 911?

As the name suggests, Nerve Control 911 is a supplement that purports to help users overcome nerve damage and associated pain. Both elderly and obese Americans often suffer the worst from nerve pain, injury, and neuropathy. The site starts with a harrowing story of the speaker’s mother, who was told by doctors that the nerve damage in her leg was so severe it might need to be amputated.

It’s unclear whether or not the story about this grandmother is true. But truthfully, it doesn’t matter much. The heart of the story still highlights several important things about the experiences of people with nerve damage. For example, the site explains that the grandmother experienced “no sleep, no relief, and no way out” to the point that it drove her to the “brink of insanity.” This is the same experience reported by many people with nerve damage. The pain during the nights can be severe enough to keep sufferers from getting to sleep at all.

Nerve Control 911 comes with several claimed benefits. It’s hard to know exactly how the formula will influence serious diseases like diabetes. However, we caution consumers to think very carefully before taking any supplements as a response to genuine illness. The FDA does not evaluate supplements, and the regulatory authority certainly has not approved this product as a cure for any type of disease or condition.

  • Some of the purported benefits for Nerve Control 911 include:
  • Improved body muscle function
  • Better muscle control/reflexes
  • Better central nervous system communication
  • Expedited organ/muscle system communications
  • Assisted visual perception
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better sleep
  • Lower anxiety
  • Blood pressure improvement

This is a pretty long list of benefits. If this supplement can provide all of these benefits, it’s no wonder Nerve Control 911 is quickly becoming one of the most popular nervous system supplements on the market. However, the key to analyzing any formula is to take a closer look at the ingredients that make it up.

Nerve Control 911 Ingredients

PhytAge Labs does a great job of providing in-depth ingredient analysis on its official product website. Since the company uses a proprietary blend, companies will provide a list of their supplement’s ingredients but no precise dosage. The main active ingredients used in Nerve Control 911 include:

Passion Flower Herb Powder (145 mg). This supplement ingredient can provide several health components, including treatment capabilities for anxiety, seizures, insomnia, and more.

Marshmallow Root (110 mg). Marshmallow Root can help to treat coughs, skin irritation, skin problems, and more. Marshmallow Root can also function as an aid to heart health.

Corydalis Powder (100 mg). This plant is primarily used in China. It continues to make headway in the United States as a treatment for stomach issues, emotional problems and anxiety, and several other symptoms and conditions.

Prickly Pear 20:1 (50 mg). This highly nutritional derivative of a cactus plant is likely included in this supplement for its nutritional value. Additionally, it has been cited as a potential way for consumers to treat diabetes. This benefit, however, has been disputed within the traditional medical community.

California Poppy Seed (45 mg). This herb is often cited for its uses in treating depression, tiredness and exhaustion, and other issues related to the nervous system. The seed also works to promote better blood pressure and can function as a mild pain reliever.

The clarity of ingredients listed on the official website is a significant upside to this supplement. All too often, we can find supplements that either don’t display their active ingredients or fail to list the dosages of these compounds. Nerve Control 911 makes it easy for consumers to research critical ingredients and make judgments concerning the effectiveness of the formula.

Who Should Use Nerve Control 911?

There are a few limitations on who should use this supplement. The majority of nerve problem sufferers are older elderly folks and people who are overweight are at the highest risk of experiencing problems of the nervous system. As we age or gain weight, more stress is put on this vital bodily system. Consumers who are approaching advanced age should strongly consider using a supplement like Nerve Control 911.

However, this formula comes with several additional benefits. It can aid in helping people improve moods, reducing anxiety, and more.

It is vital to manage our expectations regarding popular supplements, especially those that claim to provide a long list of benefits. Nerve Control 911 is not going to help consumers overcome diabetes. It will also not function as a replacement for traditional mood stabilizers, antidepressants, or anti-anxiety medications.

Consumers who are pregnant or may become pregnant should consult their doctor before using any supplement. Additionally, consumers currently taking medications as part of a larger treatment plan should be careful when taking any new supplement.

About PhytAge Labs

Unlike some supplements, Nerve Control 911 is relatively straightforward when it comes to the company manufacturing and distributing it. This company goes by the name “PhytAge Labs.” PhytAge Labs, as the name suggests, is a supplement company primarily specializing in advanced age formulas. The company makes anti-aging creams, supplements, and more. They also produce many supplements that can be used by a wider variety of consumers. Nerve Control 911 likely falls under this category.

PhytAge Labs is based in Texas, and interested users can easily find contact information for the organization by visiting the PhytAge Labs website. The company website explains that PhytAge has a mission to “help improve physician performance and wellness” for its customers. Supplement products from this organization vary significantly in both ingredients and intention. One of PhytAge’s most popular supplements, for example, is Internal 911, a “digestion focused supplement.”

Now, the company has branched out from this popular digestion supplement. The website explains that PhytAge Labs now provides supplements in all of the following categories and more:

  • Vision support
  • Joint health
  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Probiotics

PhytAge Labs comes highly recommended by thousands of customers that have tried (and loved) the supplements produced by this ever-growing Texas-based supplement company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nerve Control 911

It’s hard to find information concerning most supplements in the growing age-related formula industry. This section should help consumers sift through the information and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Nerve Control 911, as well as PhytAge Labs.

Q: How is Nerve Control 911 used?

A: Nerve Control 911 comes in the form of gel capsules. The official supplement website explains usage directions clearly. Consumers should take two capsules each day to reap the full benefits of Nerve Control 911. It does not seem to matter when during the day, users swallow their capsules. However, we generally recommend taking most supplements on a full stomach.

Q: How long does it take to see effects from Nerve Control 911?

A: The product website explains that users should give Nerve Control 911 a “trial one of at least 90 days” to judge its impacts on the body effectively. This might be shooting a bit too high; users should be able to tell after a month or less whether a nerve-related supplement is working for them. A month’s supply should generally function as a sufficient “trial run” for Nerve Control 911.

Q: Are there side effects of Nerve Control 911?

A: What we do know is that Nerve Control 911 can result in side effects for users currently taking medications. Pregnant women and children should also steer clear of Nerve Control 911. In general, the best way to avoid side effects from a dietary supplement is to consult a physician before use.

Q: Can Nerve Control 911 cure neuropathy?

A: This supplement cannot cure any diagnosable medical condition. Some scientific evidence suggests that the ingredients in this supplement can help to improve feeling in the limbs, among other benefits. But neuropathy caused by diabetes should always be treated by a medical professional.

Purchasing Nerve Control 911

This supplement is primarily sold through the official product website. Users should take advantage of the site, even if they see Nerve Control 911 available from other retailers, such as Amazon or eBay. This is because buying directly from the Nerve Control 911 website allows consumers to take advantage of the company’s relatively generous refund policy.

The price per bottle of Nerve Control 911 for one month’s supply is $49.95 and consumers can benefit from purchasing multiple bottles at one time.

Purchasing packages currently include:

All primary payment methods are accepted on the official website, with a payment portal secured by Norton.

Final Thoughts

The official website for Nerve Control 911 claims that it can help address fundamental problems relating to neuropathy and more complex emotional disorders like depression and anxiety. Some evidence suggests that the ingredients in the Nerve Control 911 formula can help to provide these benefits.

As always, consumers should think carefully and consult their physician before using any new supplement or formula.


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