Nerve Control 911 Review, PhytAge Laboratories Neuropathy Pain Relief Supplements. Treat The True Root Problem of Nerve Pain.

Nerve Control 911 is a relaxant supplement that soothes and eases nerve pain. Nerve transmits impulses from the brain to the entire body and vice versa. Unlike other cells, although it can restore itself, this capability decays with time. That is where this pain-relief supplement is necessary.

The PhytAge Labs manufactured it only with natural ingredients, making it a prime choice for all. In this Nerve Control 911 review, we will know all about this groundbreaking nerve-calming formula. But, first, let us look closer into the facts why people chose this supplement. Learn More About Nerve Control 911 From The Official Website >>

What is Nerve Control 911?

Nerve Control 911 is a neuropathy pain relief supplement that heals damaged nerves, treats peripheral and focal nerve pain, numbness, stiffness, and comforts tingling, crawling, or burning sensation anywhere on the body. Neuropathy and its symptoms are the worst kinds of suffering one can sense.

Nerve Control 911 gives your body a chance to fight back and succeed at it as expected. This supplement contains natural extracts that inhibit symptoms of soothing nerve pain. It also claims to have succeeded at repairing the nerve at its core. Thus, it is a regular remedy for the central nervous system. This supplement also lowers anxiety, insomnia and improves memory, perception, reflex, and the brain motor system. Altogether, it helps prevent the worst kind of nerve pain that typically comes with old age.

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Nerve Control 911 Supplement Ingredients?

What’s in the Nerve Control 911 formula? The contents of each supplement all work together to produce a natural nervous system calming formula. The ingredients of Nerve Control 911 are known to the best herbals for soothing nerve pain. Today we will thoroughly observe all the ingredients of this supplement as per the Nerve Control 911 label-

  • Passion Flower Herb Powder (Passiflora incarnata) 145 mg
  • Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis) 110 mg
  • Corydalis Powder (Corydalis yanhusuo) 100 mg
  • Prickly pear extract (Opuntia Phaeacantha) 50 mg
  • California poppy seed (Eschscholzia californica) 45 mg

If we examine the ingredients, it will give us answers to how each herb works toward a peaceful nervous system. I want to show how each of the ingredients works at different levels to give you insight into their traditional and medicinal uses so that you perceive its activity before taking it.

Passion Flower Herb Powder:

Passion Flower Herb Powder is used traditionally for a long time. It can treat insomnia, hypertension, and anxiety. Passionflower is mentioned in earlier directories of European and British medicinal journals where dried areal parts of the herb are mentioned. The tea made from its roots is used as a tonic in North America and South America. Its other popular uses are that it is a natural sleep aid and potent muscle relaxant. It has a tremendous influence in folk medicine, too, as it is said to have cured high blood pressure, excessive sweating, and chronic headaches.

Marshmallow Root:

Marshmallow root is also a popular medicinal herb. The herb itself derives its name from healing capability as the literal meaning of the genus is “to heal.” Marshmallow has traditional use as relief for irritation of internal organ surfaces. In addition, it has positive effects on ailments like throat ulcers and gastric ulcers. In those cases, the prescribed use of it is to gargle its extracts along with warm water. Marshmallow root has widespread use in Russia and is sold by pharmacies with no prescription purposely to treat minor respiratory problems. Its root extract is used in cough syrups. For internal aching and wounds, it helps as painkillers as well as restores them rapidly.

Corydalis Powder:

Corydalis Powder is an alkaloid-rich herb. We all are well aware of the effectiveness of Chinese medicine, and the use as a medicinal plant has originated from it. Corydalis has been used for various treatments and especially in pain treatment, for over a century. Its pain relief properties are more effective and hold its potency for a longer amount of time, unlike lab-made morphine.

Researches at the University of California (Irvine) have shown many promising effects of this plant extract and has approved its use for low-to-moderate chronic pain. It helps in both internal and external pains and particularly soothes the neuropathic pains of the human nervous system. So far, there are no negative effects of this herb. So, if you are afraid that Nerve Control 911 might have side effects, you can relax. Although it is suggested to maintain a healthy dose as excessive use of nerve relaxants can be harmful and addictive. That’s why the Nerve Control 911 has a moderate distribution for the total amount of it per dose. It is also served in tea to gain general pain relief and a refreshing sensation. Corydalis root treats inflammatory diseases, nerve pain, diabetes, urinary problems, and many other diseases.

Prickly Pear Extract:

Prickly pear extract is a desert plant. Native Americans used it for over a century to medicate urinary issues, digestive problems, and nerve pain. It is a natural anti-toxin and helpful mostly for acute headaches. It also enhances the immunity system by boosting blood flow and regulating nerve impulses.

The cactus part is used both as medicine and healthy food. It also helps the wildlife of the desert in surviving harsh weather. The species is grown in California, Mexico, and the Southwest United States. The pear (fruit) of this plant particularly contains essential antioxidants and protects against cell damage and oxidative stress, which benefits people regardless of their age. And so far as its use goes, there has been no report of any adverse effect of its use.

California Poppy Seed:

California poppy seed is widely used to treat insomnia, aches, nerve disorders, bladder and liver diseases. It also sharpens perception and deals with mood distraction. It is an underestimated medicinal plant that people have yet to take notice of. Though there is no scientific claim to support the statement, it also cures bedwetting and upset stomach.

We mostly see this flowering plant in California and western North America. But the use of it is still unrecognized to mass people. Nerve Control 911 introduces a fair and healthy amount of poppy seed extract from ideal plants. If you take California poppy without a prescribed and routine dose, there is a risk of getting intoxicated, as the root sometimes sucks the pesticides. So Nerve Control 911 reassures you with a balanced dose that has no adverse effects at all, and only the most ideal plants that are grown fully in the natural process are used to make this dietary supplement.

How Does Nerve Control 911 Work?

Nerve Control 911 works on multiple levels of the human body. Our body is full of enzymes that carry different signals throughout. According to a Ph.D. researcher from the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Dr. Sandra Reiger, there is a common mechanism in all neuropathies.

No matter the cause, it is possible to cure by targeting a single enzyme. This enzyme is MMP-13. This enzyme is dormant until things like air pollution, ultraviolet rays, unhealthy diets trigger the outbreak. MMP-13 is toxic to the nerves, and an excessive amount of it damages the collagen that keeps the skin help together. It will be favorable to combat tingling and numbing sensation and all the pain symptoms if we can inhibit this enzyme. The ingredients mentioned above can suppress the attributes of this enzyme by all-natural means. This dietary supplement does not stop there. It also helps end the seven pain-causing pathways comprising other enzymes that trigger pain. We will discuss them to clarify the activities of Nerve Control 911.

  • Cox-2: Triggers inflammation process. Although drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, and acetaminophen counters this enzyme. They also target Cox-1, which is vital for the stomach. On the other hand, Nerve Control 911 shuts down the inflammation caused by Cox-2, bearing no unpleasant side effects.
  • PGE-2: Triggered by joint stresses for any kind of physical activity. It causes searing pain and sometimes leads to tearing off of joint and connective tissue, which is even more painful. Nerve Control 911 successfully halts the activities of this enzyme. Consumers reportedly have acknowledged that the use of this drug got them relief from such searing pains at the joint.
  • 5-LOX: This enzyme was discovered rather recently, but its action is even more severe than Cox-2. Comparatively, less presence of it in the body can be overlooked, but you can’t overlook the pain caused by it. The powerful alpha nutrients in Nerve Control 911 suppress this enzyme impressively when many other natural remedies failed.
  • TNF-Alpha: This is responsible for bone and tissue decay which leads to back pain and joint pain. It is most effective to use Nerve Control 911 at the premature stage of this pain to get the best result. Waiting too late can cause a crooked spine and calcium deficiency in the body.
  • iNos: It is an inducible nitric oxide synthase and triggers inflammation. Except for the pain it causes, it helps pathogen killing and contributes to immune-regulatory effects. Nerve Control 911 suppresses the pain and gives a soothing feeling instead of inflammation but does not halt any of its processes because it has no long-term exposure effect and is essential for the immune system.
  • RNS: Triggers a needling sensation at a cellular level which is very irritating. But it is also essential for metabolism, growth, and development, response to abiotic and biotic stresses, solute transport, autophagy, and programmed cell death (PCD). Similarly, like treating iNos caused unease, a routined dose of Nerve Control 911 pacifies the needling sensation in a matter of days and lets RNS run its course without any side effects.
  • NF Kappa B: It is responsible for asthma, allergies, and other airway inflammations. It has some functions like inflammatory responses, cellular growth, and apoptosis. But it is involved in serious issues like cancer, arthritis, and asthma. Nerve Control 911 replaces the functions of this enzyme and reverts its dire course of action.

The innovative approach to control and regulate these enzymes is unparallel to any other natural means of remedy. And the medications, cream, and spray that promises to cure nervous and other bodily pain most of the time come with drastic reactions. That is the answer for all such ailments is Nerve Control 911.

Nerve Control 911 Benefits

I want to mention some benefits of the Nerve Control 911 formula to give you an insight into the product.

  • Addresses peripheral & focal nerve pain.
  • Soothes the somatosensory senses like touch, pressure, pain, temperature, breath, and smell.
  • It helps to get a good sleep.
  • Fights back anxiety, depression, insomnia, unstable bladder, inflammation, needling sensation on and under the skin, stress.
  • Aids relaxation, perception, reflex, voluntary muscle movements, blood flow, neural impulse flow, blood pressure equilibrium, and immune system.
  • Improves memory and vision.

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Nerve Control 911 Pros and Cons

Here we list the pros and cons of Nerve Control 911-


  • Highly purified supplement
  • Composed of only herbal extracts
  • No side effects
  • You can purchase it without prescription
  • 90 days refund guarantee if they are unproductive
  • Affordable price
  • Free shipping


  • Excessive intake can have an adverse effect and create an addictive urge
  • Not suitable for people under 18
  • Any pregnant woman should consult a physician before using
  • Individuals with a known critical health issue and on medication are suggested to consult a doctor before intake.

Where to Buy Nerve Control 911 and How Much Does It Cost?

Nerve Control 911 can be bought for most of the popular online marketplace like Amazon, etc. But I suggest choosing the safest place to buy, which is their official website because there should be no compromise regarding a health issue. You can also claim Nerve Control 911 discount from this site. There are three packages of sale of this product as demonstrated:

(Shipping available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide except for those countries where International DO NOT Ship list).

  • 1 bottle Nerve Control 911 Price = $69.95
  • 2 bottles Nerve Control 911 Price = $119.90 + Free shipping
  • 4 bottles Nerve Control 911 Price = $199.80 + Free shipping

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How to use Nerve Control 911

Based on a general 2,000 calorie diet, a healthy mature male or female has to take two capsules daily as a dietary supplement. It is to achieve the full effect of Nerve Control 911. Other than that, it has to be kept out of reach of children as they are neither tested nor appropriate for them. Anyone having a serious health issue or a pregnant woman has to consult with a healthcare professional before starting. The bottle needs to be stored in a dry place lower than 30° celsius.

Is Nerve Control 911 Review Scam or Legit?

It is manufactured by Phytage labs, and they are a legitimate bunch. PhytAge Laboratories is a Texas-based nutritional supplement company that sells a range of natural supplements online. They have been working on this solution for quite a long time, and they are spreading the result at a very low cost. Because of its low cost, it is logical to doubt it as a scam. But various journals and publications have already recognized and praised it for taking a natural approach to sensitive ailments. That, along with its low to zero side effects, makes it stand out from other nerve pain treatments. So it is wise to buy them from the official website to avoid duplicates and other scams.

Nerve Control 911 Side Effects

The side effects are not general and happen on rare occasions. But, nonetheless, we need to shed light on that part, too, because we have to know what we are putting on the line while we are taking it.

  • Drowsiness
  • Sudden empty feeling in head
  • Nausea etc

Although there are infrequent cases of side effects reported, if you have any of the symptoms while you are continuing it, you should consult with a physicist. And to be honest, these symptoms only reveal when anybody overdoses, so avoid that too. It is also advised to take one month of continuous medication once you have started.

Nerve Control 911 Real Customer Reviews

The consumer count of the Nerve Control 911 is very high and increasing daily. There are a lot of reviews and positive feedback. You have heard a lot about what I said. Now let’s hear what others say about Nerve Control 911-

  • “I like this product I have been taking it since last April 2020 I have several spinal compressions, 2 bulging discs, and an old refracture of another vertebra. It works for me. It also relieves my mid and low back pain.” Janice H., the USA.
  • “This stopped my nerve pain at night. No more burning or pins waking me up. Better than prescription medicine. Works better than Gabapentin.” Richard P. Apgar, the USA.
  • “This product is working, but it’s too expensive and I’m 74 years old and on a fixed income. Please lower the price.” Shirley Horton, the USA.

Nerve Control 911 Reviews – Final Words

Finally, the Nerve Control 911 might be the best (if not the only) choice for fighting neural disease and other ailments that come with it. This Nerve Control 911 review revealed almost everything you need to know about this groundbreaking protection formula for the central nervous system. If this doesn’t help, hundreds of consumer reviews might make you more confident about the outcome, and the refund policy will let you invest free of any risk.

FAQs About Nerve Control 911

  • How do you use the Nerve Control 911 Supplement?

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and an adult person has to take two capsules daily, continuing it for one month to complete the supplement dose.

  • Does Nerve Control 911 Really Work?

The extracts in each capsule are proved to have medicinal benefits. The buyers have disclosed its positive impacts. So it’s pretty obvious that this supplement works just fine. You can also read the Nerve Control 911 testimonials or watch the Nerve Control 911 video to have a better idea.

  • Is Nerve Control 911 Safe?

Nerve Control 911 has no side effects as all the components of it are derived from herbs. So it’s safe to use for all adults. However, you need consultancy in case you are on medication for other ailments, or you are pregnant.

  • How does Nerve Control 911 help for Neuropathy Pain?

It controls the activity of pain enzymes and restores any damaged nerve from its core.

  • Is Nerve Control 911 Scam Or Legit?

Judging by the use of herbal ingredients and consumer satisfaction, It has a promising impact. Clinically it is proved to ease mild to regular nerve damage. Further research is awaiting, and it is very safe to consume.

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  • What is the Nerve Control 911 Customer Service Contact Details?

Nerve Control 911 customer support mobile number is: 1-800-822-5753 and email address is:

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