Neel Dhingra of Forward Academy Teaches the Power of Personal Branding

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Real estate has lagged behind other industries in innovation, particularly in adopting technology. In an age where many consumers rely on online shopping and the digital network to see what is available in the marketplace, many realtors still grapple with the old-fashioned method, impeding industry growth. According to Neel Dhingra, the founder and CEO of Forward Academy, this was one of the main reasons that prompted him to establish his platform.

Neel Dhingra is a digital creator and a leading authority within the mortgage and real estate industry. He has been in the industry for years, starting in the early 2000’s. . Neel adopted technology when many in the industry were reluctant to switch lanes. He is now leveraging social networks to grow his ventures. Neel is also helping other real estate agents and mortgage loan officers use digital marketing to boost their sales.

“More than half of the global population now uses social media. This means that content and digital marketing are now more important for success as a real estate agent or mortgage loan officer. You want something that will heighten curiosity, captivate prospective buyers and generate more sales in an extremely competitive space. There is no better way to do so than through content marketing. Sharing content relatable to your target audience will increase your engagement and give the consumer a reason why they should hire you,” says Neel Dhingra.

Neel is using these same techniques to grow his business. Neel Dhingra has grown his mortgage venture by over 1000% within three years. He has leveraged content marketing to drive more attention to his brand and increase sales.

He now uses various social media platforms to facelift real estate marketing and transform public perception of the mortgage and real estate industries. Neel Dhingra says that one of his goals is to develop a more tech-driven real estate industry and create more opportunities for real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and other sales professionals.

Neel has created a solid community of like-minded individuals (Forward Academy). He is helping them learn more about personal branding and content marketing and how they can use that to increase their sales. In addition, he is leveraging the experience gained as a digital creator to bring much-deserved attention to real estate as he educates consumers about home ownership and financial opportunities.

Forward Academy helps individuals to build strong personal brands through innovative digital content marketing. The program offers different packages, including the annual event held in Vegas and the live workshops. In addition, forward Academy has Neel’s Content Day- a 1.5 live day immersion program for agents who want to jumpstart or ignite their content with real experts.

As content marketing and branding become more critical for the business’s success, Neel Dhingra is helping real estate agents increase sales in an otherwise stale industry. Neel is moving the age-long industry forward and helping those in the space leverage social media to boost their sales.

His work has received praises from different players in the industry. Neel Dhingra has created content alongside some of the biggest names in marketing, becoming a trusted resource in an otherwise stale industry. He has been recognized as a Top Video Influencer by industry software provider BombBomb & Top National Coach Tom Ferry.

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