Need Inspiration? 9 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas to Consider This Winter

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The holiday season can be a bit stressful when trying to find the perfect gift for everyone in your life. Lots of people are heading in the direction of trying to live more minimalistic lives, and that means less clutter for gifts.

Here are 9 unique and practical gifts for everyone in your life no matter the budget:

1. Experience

An experience is great for everyone, it is truly a one size fits all gift. The sports fan, concert lover, world traveler, explorer, foodie, adventure seeker, and everything in between. There are experiences for every price point, it is even possible to gift an experience that is close to free like packing up a picnic basket and sending a couple on a romantic hike to watch the sunset while you watch the children.

2. Specialty Gift Baskets

Specialty gift baskets can be the most personal gifts during the holiday season, especially for those out-of-town family and friends. A DIY basket that consists of things like a facemask, bath bomb, cozy blanket, book by their favorite author, and the best tea bags and coffee pods make a great simple and quick care package to send to those near and far.

This being said, many companies are taking the hassle out of gift basket curation, offering specialty gift baskets that you can quickly and easily purchase online and ship to loved ones. Businesses like Spoonful of Comfort take a creative and food centric approach to specialty gift baskets with their soup-centered care packages. These can serve as a personalized and unique gift option for new parents who need a night without dishes, those feeling under the weather and cannot attend festivities, or those who simply could use some cozy holiday cheer.

3. Simple, but personalized

Every item that seems simple can be immediately upgraded by personalization. Organizational pieces for jewelry or watches can have a name or initial engraved into them to make it feel like time and effort were put into that gift, rather than running to the store last minute to find something they might like. Your friends and family are far more likely to use the personalized gift, than the same item that is plain and just like any other piece of stock on the shelves of the department store.

4. Unselfish Splurge

How many times do you hear a family member, friend, or co-worker say “I love this, but I wouldn’t buy it for myself”? You may even say it to yourself. Splurging on a gift during the holidays is not always feasible, but if you are able, it can truly make someone’s day. For a lot of people, that splurge is a pair of shoes they have been eyeing or a clothing item they continuously take in and out of their shopping cart online. A nice restaurant, spa day, or a fancy bottle of wine can make the ones you love feel a little fancier, and very loved in the middle of what is almost certainly a very busy life.

5. Forever Jewelry

If you have not heard yet, forever jewelry is a huge trend right now, and a great gift idea for your best friend, significant other, or anyone else in your life. Basically, you pick out a chain and it is welded together so there is no clasp and it will stay on until forcibly removed, or forever, therefore its namesake. It is a symbol of love and togetherness for you and your loved ones, not to mention a fun activity to do together.

6. Subscription

In an age of everything being delivered, subscriptions are a great option for the person who has everything or enjoys opening packages every month. There is a subscription to everything today. There are plans to get a book, new clothing items, food or new recipes, makeup, perfumes, cleaning products, dog toys, and quite literally anything else you can think of. Long gone are the days when the only subscription you got in the mail was a new movie you picked out from your streaming service before it was instant.

7. Practical Kitchen

Everyone loves new kitchen accessories, and if they say they do not, they are probably lying, or at least not telling the full truth. Kitchen products are some of the best gifts to give and receive because they are so practical and can be personalized to each family and entertainment style. For the family with young children, a new set of cookie cutters and a do-it-yourself cookie baking kit is an easy family gift that can be enjoyed for years to come, with more cookie dough of course. For the entertainers in your life, a new wooden serving board will fill up any room during college football game days, or even a new set of coffee mugs that they desperately have been needing to update for hot chocolate and nights.

8. Plants

Plants are becoming more and more popular, so for the plant parent in your life, a grow-your-own small garden is a practical and personable gift. Surely they have a favorite flower, herb, vegetable, or all of the above for you to affordably set up a few planters to give them a DIY mini garden. Growing and using their own plants in their meals and beauty in their home will be another gift in itself.

9. Photoshoot

Not everyone loves being in front of the camera, but an all-expenses-paid photoshoot can be a low-pressure opportunity to find more confidence. Not only could it update the couples’ or family photos around their home, but it could also be a great memory for them to make with their family. Photoshoots are a great idea because of the support you will be giving to a small business owner as well. Holiday season shoots are how many photographers make a bulk of their year’s pay, so you would be helping out one of your neighbors.

The holidays are not only a season of giving but a time to tell your family and friends how much you appreciate them, love them, and are thankful for them. These gifts offer a personal, unique touch that will make a lasting impact on those who receive them.

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