Nazar Babenko, Igor Kotov And Belfort Held A Business Meeting

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Only recently, our editors wrote that the international company Danvel is making global plans and is preparing to conquer the world market, and the first news about large-scale projects is already appearing that, in our not modest opinion, can turn network marketing upside down, it can have a significant impact on global markets and financial structure around the world.

So, it became known that the board of directors of the international company Danvel entered into a partnership with Jordan Belford IG: @wolfofwallst, who is also called the “Wolf of Wall Street”. To date, Belfort is the most famous broker, sales coach and business consultant in the world (not least thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio, who masterfully embodied the biography of a millionaire on the big screens).

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In turn, the Danvel company in the expert community is called the kings of the financial markets. Igor Kotov IG: @igor_kotov, together with his business partner Nazar Babenko IG: @nazar_8888_, managed to create a team of traders, which, in just 7 years of activity, entered the top 10 best according to Forbes magazine.

Experts say the partnership is essential to support Danvel’s ambition to become a leading hedge fund and increase its manufacturing advantage over US competitors.

It is fashionable to say that this is a knight’s move from the leadership of Danvel. Perhaps that is why partnership talks with Belfort have been hidden for so long, we all know it is best to keep your cards close to yourself before any big move materializes and becomes a reality that no-one can deny. According to Euronews, bilateral cooperation will show its results as early as 2023.

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