Natuzzi Editions’ Italian Style in A Harmonious Total Living Design on Display at China International Furniture Fair

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The 52nd China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) successfully concluded at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from 5th to 8th September.

Natuzzi Editions, with its consistent philosophy of harmonious design, is dedicated to providing consumers with an integrated presentation of design and comfort, creating a quality lifestyle through Italian craftsmanship.

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After four years of longing, Pasquale Natuzzi, the founder and chairman of furniture company Natuzzi Editions, returned to China and attended the China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) this year with new products.

He expressed excitement about the exhibition and said, “Coming here today has given me a very positive emotion. Everything I see here is full of vitality, and the products presented at the exhibition look fantastic.”

As the founder and chairman of a massive enterprise with a long history, he shared the secrets of maintaining such abundant energy and a constant flow of inspiration over decades – a dedication, passion, and focus on product design and development.

Creating Italian Quality with Total Living

Natuzzi Editions’ stand in CIFF created a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The space was divided with wooden lattice panels, lush greenery and natural wood were evident throughout, creating a harmonious, comfortable, and naturally inviting atmosphere with a sense of breath. Amidst the gentle and warm colors, it offered a bright and pleasant experience.

This year’s stand design, while continuing the brand’s natural and comfort style, featured three distinctive living spaces showcasing the brand’s ingenious designs for different styles of homes.

A tasteful and cozy home is the sincerest tribute to one’s family, and Natuzzi Editions combines Italian and modern styles, reflecting the design philosophy and traditional craftsmanship of Italy’s centuries-old heritage.

Natuzzi Editions provides customers with a calm and green urban oasis to experience the tranquility of natural living, portraying real-life scenarios simply and elegantly, and offering cozy encounters.

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With clean lines, soft curves, and rich materials, Natuzzi Editions offers an excellent change in thinking that seamlessly blends vintage and chic, making them timeless.

The three Total Living series living spaces reflect the brand’s deep thinking on whole-home design. The product range will continue to expand to meet the needs of diverse lifestyles and provide rich inspiration and high-quality full-space product solutions.

New Products from Natuzzi Editions

Lake Sofa

The newly unveiled Lake series, inspired by “Como Lake”, features on the central stage of the showroom, creating a serene and tranquil beauty reminiscent of mountains and lakes. Notably, the series’ sofa introduces a new curved module, complemented by plump, rounded cushions, resembling the gentle winding shoreline of a lake, enhancing the overall harmony and coziness of the sofa. The development of the new module further enriches module choices, embodying a free-spirited and fashionable lifestyle.

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Bristol Sofa

Building on the success of the Traveller Collection introduced in 2022, Natuzzi Editions presented the new Bristol sofa at this Shanghai exhibition. The ancient English seaside city of Bristol is both traditional and modern. Looking back at its long history, the city’s landmark Clifton Suspension Bridge stands like a historical monument and the Bristol sofa’s design pays homage to it, the world’s longest suspension bridge when built. The Traveller Collection draws inspiration from journeys, and its sofa and armchairs pay homage to great world cities, vividly portraying a cosmopolitan spirit.

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The towers supporting the Clifton Suspension Bridge have soft lines and distinct contours. Natuzzi Editions reinterprets this design through Italian design language, drawing inspiration from the past while coexisting with the present to meet the demands of contemporary living. With its modern style and compact size, it becomes a versatile sofa, a unique home product suitable for any space.

Since 1959, Natuzzi Editions’ designers – Italian experts at the Natuzzi Style Center – have believed in the concept of ‘Crafted for Humans’ and created numerous products that combine innovation with unparalleled style, flexibility, functionality, and comfort.

Today, the brand continues to uphold craftsmanship quality and explore innovation to meet a wide range of multifunctional needs, offering comfort to everyone.

Brand founder Pasquale Natuzzi has continually emphasised the company’s commitment since inception to a basic mission to create comfortable products for Natuzzi Editions. From the beginning of the design and development stages to material selection, meticulous production, adherence to strict quality control standards, and delivering beautiful furniture to households worldwide, Natuzzi Editions has woven the craftsmanship passed down through generations into every aspect of its products, maintaining a consistent pursuit of comfort and quality.

By continuously refining its products, emphasizing harmony in innovation, functionality, and aesthetic design, while catering to diverse lifestyles, Natuzzi Editions provides high-quality, whole-home product solutions. Expert craftsmen blend quality, style, and design and personally inspect every step, from material selection to finished product output, to ensure that every consumer can enjoy the best home experience.

Natuzzi Editions is committed to a people-centered approach, comfortably capturing every warm and happy moment.

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