Nathaniel Mack — A Personal Injury Lawyer Keeping the Texas Area Safe

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The average person often wakes up in the morning, eats some breakfast, and then goes on about their life. They go to work, college, or school and do what they need to make their dreams become a reality. They worry about many things, but one thing that rarely crosses their minds is that they might not return home in one piece because of an accident.

Accidents are a side effect of life. They can happen, and they happen more than you might think. For example, car accidents are responsible for thousands of deaths every day and billions of dollars in expenses every year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than three million people in car accidents sustain injuries, and 40% of those experience permanent injuries and disabilities.

However, Nathaniel Mack explains that personal injuries aren’t just limited to car accidents and physical injuries. “Personal injury” is also a legal term that includes a variety of injuries to a person’s body, emotions, or reputation caused by someone else’s negligence or intent. “Accidents and injuries are part of our lives, and it’s all fun and games until we suffer from one,” he says. “If the injury is caused by someone else, either through negligence or intent, those ‘lucky enough’ who ‘just’ end up with injuries can put in a court claim for damage restitution.”

Nathaniel Mack is a renowned personal injury lawyer based in San Antonio, Texas. With four more offices located in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and McAllen, Nathaniel Mack is a person who makes sure that wrongdoers actually pay for the damages they do to people and communities. “I believe we should always do what is right, and that’s why I’m always fighting tooth and nail for my clients. I treat them like family because they’re my people, and we all have to stick together if we want to win against the big bad guys.”

Most of his clients are people involved in company vehicle accidents, but Nathaniel Mack’s offices are settling all kinds of injury cases and even some multi-million dollar ones. He’s currently one of several attorneys working on a case against Union Pacific Railroad, whose negligence is causing an increasingly alarming rate of cancer-related deaths in certain Houston, Texas communities.

As Mack points out, he believes that he talks for all personal injury lawyers when he says that they see themselves as gatekeepers of safety. Even though it’s a pull and tug game, the lawyers’ ability to hold these big companies accountable, financially and in court, keeps the system regulated.

“Being a personal injury lawyer is so much more than winning a damage claim and getting the money. These company vehicles, box trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, etc., are flying around the highways causing all kinds of freak accidents,” says Mack. “And we are the ones who try to keep these companies accountable. We are trying to make them follow certain rules. Hire qualified drivers, train them properly, and don’t allow them to use their cell phones or other distractions. No matter how big or small the wrongdoer, they need to pay, and we are making them. If we don’t do that, no one else really will.”

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