Natasha Weber | Meet Australia’s Leading Media Astrologer, Empowering Women To Find Their Inner Universe

The self-confessed astrology nerd has taken the helm as one of the most incredible galaxy readers down under. Natasha Weber hopes to help bring light and understanding to the world, giving Australia’s astrology a reading like no other

Once a shy young girl born in Melbourne Zoo to a now successful astrologer, Natasha Weber is one to watch. With over 60,000 followers, the stars couldn’t shine brighter for this inspiration.

The angelic, soft-spoken creative has bloomed into an influential astrologer who inspires millions of horoscope readers daily. Motivated to build a bridge between sun-sign columns and the ancient science behind our celestial movements, Natasha Weber’s business, Astrotash, aims to bring deeper personal awareness through the lens of astrology.

Her talents have landed her writing roles for, Body+Soul and Mamamia. She has shared her astrological insights on radio shows and podcasts, including PopCrush Nights and Healthy-ish, and has appeared on television for Today Extra and Sunrise Morning Show. “I’m passionate about astrology,” she says. “I believe in its ability to empower people and to help bring some light and understanding to the world. It’s so valuable, and I think it’s an untapped human resource.” Her work has also been featured in Thought Catalogue, Out of Office New York and Today’s Astrologer, and other publications across the globe.

But was her fate written in the stars?

Australian-born Natasha Weber always had a strong love for astrology due to its two main elements of mathematics and mysticism.

Her passion could come down to her mother, who originated from Holland, and worked in Melbourne Zoo – hand-raising abandoned baby animals. But there was more to her mother than meets the eye.

Natasha remembers being a young girl observing her mother engage in the process of automatic writing, also called psychography, which is a psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing. “Mysticism was often the topic of discussion, which led to a natural interest in it. I went to see my first clairvoyant when I was 14 years old, and I was just naturally drawn to that as well. And that’s, that’s just who I am.”

Even though she was always encouraged to follow her path in life, during her schooling career, Weber attended the Victorian College Of The Arts, where she obtained a ballet scholarship for six years.

The star spent her days dancing for the local opera company during this time. Over the years, Weber experienced a change within. Followed by a moment of clarity to simply change course and do something else in life. “I pinpointed it down to three study subjects. They were astrology, naturopathy, and psychology. For two weeks, I could barely eat or sleep because I was consumed with thoughts of what I would pursue? What was right for me? I prayed to the universe to send me a sign.”

Until one day, she got an opportunity to go into modelling. When one of the girls waiting at the venue told Weber that a well-known astrologer was just in the green room beside her – she knew it was meant to be. “I felt like destiny had just taken off,” she says. “Astrology still gives me those butterflies in my stomach.”

At this point in her life, Natasha Weber began studying astrology for three years with the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology. Her research piece even won her a MAFA title with the American Federation of Astrologers.

Her next mission was to build up the confidence to inspire women to become the best version of themselves, empowering them to unlock their hidden gifts through a deeper understanding of their cosmic DNA. “I hope to empower women by leading them to accept themselves. Through that self-acceptance comes self-love, and when you accept and love yourself, you feel powerful.” By demystifying astrology with relatable, down-to-earth guidance, Weber hopes to build a bridge between Sun sign columns and astrology born from ancient times. Weber teaches us that there’s more to you than just your Sun sign, and her work helps give people validation. “You think you may know certain aspects about yourself, but sometimes it can take someone else to make you realize your worth.” Weber sums it up eloquently, saying “Once you understand your greatest potential and learn to manage your flaws, navigating through life’s trials and tribulations becomes easier. And that’s where astrology can help.”

Michelle Laver
Content Writer: Mindful Media PR

LA Weekly