Natalie Dawson Shares Five Essentials For Turning Your Company Into The Next Fortune 500

With the prominence of startups, it has become very tough for businesses to compete for a spot on the Fortune 500 list, but also to thrive in the modern market. Natalie Dawson shares her expertise in team and people development, as well as giving tips on how to achieve meaningful change inside your business.

Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit in them has fantasized about becoming one of the industry’s top companies at some point. However, owing to a variety of factors, firms are unable to meet their long-term objectives. Natalie Dawson is one of those rare entrepreneurs who has worked out the vital components to create their own successful empire.

Natalie Dawson is the host of her Building Billions: Behind the Scenes and has successfully launched three six-figure courses on leadership development, team harmony, and business growth. Dawson’s experience as Co-Founder and President of Operations at Cardone Ventures has enabled her to gain the rare skill of constructing a skeleton that can make any organization more effective.

Dawson adds a wealth of experience to this story, having hired, trained, and managed hundreds of individuals. She offers five important blueprints that any firm can use to link people with business goals through operational and financial integration:

1. Analyze the Mission/Vision Values

The why of a goal is as important as the goal itself. Analyze and understand the purpose behind pursuing an objective. Being able to understand this would not only bring things into focus by establishing more clarity but will also help in weeding out unnecessary distractions.

2. ‘Stop / Start / Delegate’

The next crucial point is to concentrate on the ‘Stop-Start-Delegate’ strategy, which enables a leader to set required limits by analyzing all ways that may or may not have been working. Inquire about where the business owner is spending their time and whether it is making any income. Using tools such as Time/Mind Mapping is the next step.

3. Create KPIs

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator, a quantifiable measure of performance over time for a specific objective. KPIs provide targets for teams to shoot for, milestones to gauge progress, and insights that help people across the organization make better decisions. They can work wonders when used efficiently.

4. Come Up With Team Incentives

Simply put, no matter how huge a company is, if the team does not get any incentives, how can one assume they will work hard? Here are some examples of incentives that have been proven to engage and motivate employees in the long run:

  • Recognition and rewards
  • Referral programs
  • Professional development
  • Profit sharing

5. Conduct Quarterly Team Meetings / Daily Team Meetings

One thing the pandemic has made us all realize is the importance of staying connected even when not able to share the same physical proximity. According to Dawson, “Meetings are your best friend.” This is because a regular pattern wherein all the employees are meeting regularly and sharing accountability for each other and themselves helps in cultivating a space that is beyond just creating a successful business– it brings in the touch of togetherness.

Dawson has no cost of capital and no outside investment. In 30 months Cardone Ventures has generated 60 million in revenue and over 30 million in EBITDA. Dawson is responsible for the operations and finding, hiring, aligning, developing and retaining the team that allows the business to scale profitably.

Thus, learning such key essentials from people like Dawson in the industry is in itself a revenue builder. Natalie Dawson has even been able to successfully establish herself as a leader in a predominantly male community, and has done so; not just by cultivating a safe space for women but also by showing strong leadership prowess, expertise in communication, and process optimization with measurable returns on investment.

Dawson’s ability to identify and execute strategic business priorities has led her to establish efficiency within the company while her podcast discusses the various ways in which women can reclaim their place in the business sector.

The business world today is ever-evolving. Being able to grasp the core of how to function in an already dwindling economy is the utmost investment any business owner can make.

Dawson has also put on the hat of an educator and introduced a 10X Employee Program for Intrapreneurs, an individual self-improvement program for employees who are looking to contribute to their organizations at 10X levels.

Natalie Dawson’s sheer persistence to develop a platform that caters to the world’s leading business owners inspired her to write the bestseller Teamwork: How to Build a High-Performance Team, which explores how to create teams that work the way one wants them to and then, discovering ways to scale those teams. This keeps them aligned with their objectives—and with each other—as the business grows.

To follow Natalie Dawson’s journey of creating a culture that engages employees while simultaneously ensuring the business mission, values and goals are shared and aligned, click here.

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