Nashville Luxury Real Estate Agent Michael Alonso Helps Clients Find Their New House and Make it Feel Like Home Through Professional Cleaning Services

Throughout the last 10 years, Nashville has grown in population by nearly 70% and is expected to gain one million more residents in the next 17 years. It’s no surprise that individuals and families alike are flocking to this vibrant, musical city. It’s filled with great places to eat, plenty of space, and so many things to do. For Michael Alonso, serving as a luxury real estate agent in the area has been a dream come true.

Day in and day out, Michael helps his clients find the perfect home for their needs in the area. Though most of his clients are looking for high-end homes, Michael is excited by delivering on complex home searches and constantly feels inspired by all of his clients’ stories. Working with everyone from NFL linebackers to country music songwriters, Michael easily accommodates different lifestyles and property needs. Throughout the last year, over 91% of his clientele have been Californians making the move to Nashville, so working with long-distance moves and helping clients make this new city their home has become his specialty.

One thing Michael noticed very quickly was that these cross-country moves were taxing, tiring, and time-consuming for all of his clients, no matter their situation. Many of his clients struggled to prioritize daily tasks with the chaos of moving to a new city or state, establishing a presence, and building a community. Cleaning and upkeep were often put on the back burner, leading to further stress, and negatively impacting the buyer’s ability to enjoy their new space. For Michael, problem-solving comes naturally, so he partnered with another Nashville real estate agent, Anna Buckley, and together, they started Magnolia Cleaning Company.

Magnolia Cleaning Company is a top-tier cleaning service that offers residential, commercial, and short-term rental cleaning services. They also support post-construction cleaning needs, as well as custom requests. For their clients, knowing that their home or property is being taken care of by an organization that they can trust, alleviates major amounts of moving stress and life stress.

Michael receives positive feedback from his clients regularly; by working with him, the hunt for a new property is seamless, and all they have to worry about after the move is getting acquainted with their new neighborhood. One client, a model and YouTuber, Tiana Musarra, had only positive praises for Michael’s holistic approach. She said, “I’m a full-time model and YouTuber and was looking to start investing in real estate. I had heard the Nashville market was great for Airbnb’s and was put in touch with Michael Alonso and his team. They made the process so simple for me, and I was even more impressed since I was out of state. I couldn’t believe how quick and stress-free they got everything done. They made me fall in love with the process and I’m already looking into my next place.”

Buying a home or rental property from out of state comes with enough challenges, with Michael, turning your house into a home doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether you’re looking to find the forever home for your own family or invest in a short-term rental property, Michael knows the Nashville market, spends time to truly understand your needs, and is committed to delivering the perfect end product. Then, he’ll turn right around and help you get settled in by offering extensive and professional cleaning services. The only downside is that you’ll have such a pleasant experience that you might decide you want to do it all over again!

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