Names You Need to Know in 2022

With a new year, we bring you new names and faces of top talent from all around the world that are making waves in 2022. These artists, dj’s, producers, record labels, entertainment companies, entrepreneurs, and music moguls are all people you want to get familiar with this year. Presented below by Trillest Ent., in alphabetical order, is a list of names you need to know in 2022.

1924 Music Group – 1924 Music Group founders and brothers Ivory & Jonathan Hawthorne are creating unique opportunities for music acts in the music and entertainment business. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, their hometown, they are on track to becoming the biggest DMV independent label of the 21st century. Coming from humble beginnings the brothers knew that with their gifts and talents they could change the lives of people around them and uplift the community by creating a musical safe haven that will ultimately change the Baltimore landscape in regards to entertainment. Working with acts such as Qui QUI Martin (Former lead singer of Iysis),Yung Inkky, and Multi-platinum producer Rah Sampson, Ivory has fostered relationships with Def Jam, Mary J Blige, Lyfe Jennings, Raheem Devaughn, Jazz, Scola of Dru Hill, Brook Hogan (Hulk Hogan’s daughter) and Marcus Canty from Season 1 X- Factor. To ensure the success of 1924, the Hawthorne brothers built a state of the art studio, and video facility giving all of their talent full access to create at the highest level. Extending beyond music, Jonathan has launched a clothing line called “Collare Bianco” and is working on creating generational wealth for some of their family members who have visions of starting their own clothing line. Ivory and Jonathan Hawthorne are on their way to becoming Baltimore legends and want the world to know that 1924 Music Group is up next. | IG: @1924Music_Group 

8BitJ – Masked California musician 8BitJ gives you the raw unfiltered thoughts of his own mind tackling issues from mental health, drug abuse, depression, and general street life. With no filter, 8BitJ is able to give you the most honest depiction of his own life in his newest album “Tokyo 8”, which takes all of those elements and crafts them into a diverse melting pot of topics and rap styles. | IG: @8BitJ_ 

Auzzi – The 23 year old artist has been producing music since he was only 14 years old, and has been on the rise ever since. Auzzi is someone you need to know in 2022 “I’ve always made music to help me through whatever I’m feeling at the time, and it’s just one of those things nobody can take away from you.” Auzzi is an artist with a vast array of talent, and has been developing his sound for many years. With a hope to bring light and love to others, he puts all his energy into his art. Auzzi is going to make it big! | IG: @auzziofficial 

AztroGrizz – When Grizzly John and Lewis I Am teamed up in 2012, they didn’t realize it at the time, but they were ahead of the music game by a decade. The dynamic duo was fusing genres in a never-before-seen way. Whether it was melting together pop and indie or country with hip-hop, each new track pushed boundaries against the norm. Lewis I Am brings the grounded rap bars while Grizzly John uses his soulful voice to cut through the noise. The two are unstoppable in creating music with true intention and meaning, something that’s become lost in the saturated mainstream. AztroGrizz is ready to make an impression on fans of all genres. AztroGrizz’s newest effort, “Man in Black”, catches you by surprise over and over again. It’s a sound you don’t hear much on the mainstream, a harmonious collaboration of calculated rap bars with a fresh country beat and chorus. It has the southern charm of acoustic guitars that meshes with a bass-heavy trap beat. It’s a heartfelt song about living – really living without overthinking it all. Check it out now along with the official video! | IG: @aztrogrizz

Banchie – Welcome to the magic show! Banchie is back to start the year off right with a brand new exquisite 3 in 1 medley alongside with the official video directed by J-Tech. This is another single from off his upcoming Ep called “Trance”. The song was produced by J. Patterns. You can tell by the format and the diversity of the track that he deliberately set out on a mission to show everyone the true sound of “Alternative Hip Hop”. Expand your horizons. Check out sorcery at its finest. | IG: @b.a.n.c.h.i.e

B.Eazy – Rising Boston artist B. Eazy releases his new single “No Time To Waste” with his catchy flow & melodic delivery. This is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on in 2022!! Check out his new single now and follow B. Eazy on IG for his latest releases. | IG: @itsbeazy

Bezaloha – Bezaloha, the star who released the EP “Where Were We” has been busy getting ready to release his digital platform “The StudioVeRse” as well as hinting at another project release. After spending countless hours in the studio, he’s gearing up to release a new project called “Yours Truly” on April 20, 2022. The EP will feature artists like Elijah The Boy with the majority of the project being produced by Bezaloha himself. Bezaloha is setting up big moves for the city of Albany, NY, giving the capital city proper recognition in the music industry. From producing his own music to producing a list of artists’ music and from pushing his own music to pushing his cities hidden talents. Something MAJOR IS COMING! Bezaloha will also be releasing a new single “Star Alignment” prior to the EP release. Submit your email on the Aloha World Of Art LLC website to stay up to date on all the upcoming releases. Who knows, there may be a free NFT waiting for you. | IG: @Whyalohaworld

Brittany Burton – Brittany Burton is an Award winning journalist and publicist in the entertainment business. Coming from humble beginnings, she started her career off interning with DJ Drama at Mean Street Studios in Atlanta in which she learned the ends and outs of the business. The knowledge she obtained led her to working with Grammy Nominated artist SZA in which she embarked on SZA’s CTRL tour in 2017 providing PR and assistant services. Having been acknowledged for her journalism efforts and contributions to the entertainment and media world, she received an award at the ALL PURPLE GALA in Washington DC (2019). Brittany would later go on to work for Hip Hop Weekly, The Source Magazine, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. In 2021 Brittany graduated from Oaksterdam University Cannabis Business Cohort and received a certificate of completion making her one step closer to becoming an entrepreneur in the cannabis space. She is currently running and operating her media company called B&B Media and plans to change lives one day at a time. | IG: @BrittBurt3 

Capo Diablo – This lyrical young man is a product of the era between the 90s to early 2000s with a new-school vibe mixed with an old-school soul. The quality of his music stems from his artistry skill that gives him the ability to create an old-school style to rebirth true hip hop. His mission is to become part of history in the hip hop culture. In 2018, he started a label, “Push Money Entertainment (PME)” co-owned with his father, David Carter.  Capo Diablo got his first real shine when he was discovered by the legendary hip hop artist, Jadakiss who hosted two of his singles, “2020 Public Announcement” released in 2020 and, “RNS (Pack It Up)” released in 2021. In 2022, Capo Diablo received coaching from the legendary hip hop artist, Busta Rhymes. For Capo Diablo’s upcoming debut single, “Put It On Black,” Busta Rhymes stated, “I f### with the mix vocals that are leveled and he has an incredible flow that sounds dope, but I ain’t in love with the beat.” Capo Diablo is working on a new single, “Cash Flow,” hosted by the legendary hip hop artist, Fat Joe that will be released this year. He is being recognized across the country and Capo Diablo will continue to get a major buzz in the music industry. | IG: @capodiablo_pme 

CasinoATX – Casino was chosen as an official performance artist for 2022’s SXSW, and throughout that week he performed at 6 different venues and shows across the city, including a spot on the Rhode Island based Grind Mode Cypher SXSW edition. Casino also showed his keen business acumen as he teamed up with Oregon based growers Funk Extracts and Happy Daddy Products to launch his own strain of marijuana “Cherry Mint’s”. Not missing a step he was also able to secure a deal for his very own hemp juice with the brewing company, Texas Made Gorillas, creating two more distinct products for the herbal elevated wordsmith to offer to his fan base, in his ever growing Partyville brand. He recently completed his upcoming solo album “The Street Nerd”, which will be released very soon through his label home College of Hip-Hop Knowledge / Orchard / Sony to his eagerly awaiting listeners. With his lead single “Poppin” still spreading rapidly across the country, and an upcoming tour through California and the Pac-West, Casino is poised to become a household name in no time. | IG: @CasinoATX 

ChapoBanzChapoBanz links up XaeForever to deliver their new track produced by acelavine. With spring break on the way, it will sure set the mood & will make you nod your head. “Teenage emotions and I don’t know how to control them, you made a promise and now I’m just sitting here hopeless meet me at 7 and if you don’t that means it over, I got a problem I think I just hate being sober”. As the new year roles in Xae gives us numerous singles to listen too such as “Blowed Talk”, “I’m The One”, “Falling For You”, and most latest track is “Concealed Love”. Keep on the lookout for XaeForever & ChapoBanz in the new year as they will be rolling out their collaborative EP! | IG: @ChapoBanz @XaeForever 

D.Denzel – D.Denzel is one of Toronto, Canada’s most notable and versatile artists. He is recognized for his talent and unique style of music that is gaining global recognition. Check out his new music now on his official website: D.Denzel is a name you need to know in 2022! | IG: @D.Denzel38

Da Realest – Notorious for his music production and engineering work with Peezy, Icewear Vezzo, Sada Baby, and more, Da Realest Beatz is a respected name in Detroit. Branching out to music himself in 2020 with his album “Lost Luv”, Da Realest sparked an artist career of his own. This year, he plans on growth in all avenues. | IG: @darealestbeatz

David Dreshaj – The Montenegrin-Albanian singer reached heights in the Balkans at just 22 years old. Raising attention with the release of  “Believe” in both English and Albanian, he’s reached English speaking audiences. The release of “Ku Je” sparks this year’s growth in his music career. | IG: @daviddreshajofficial

Denisa Axhami – A 3x author, the Albanian-American started her career in public relations in 2020, upon leaving Michigan State University graduate school to follow her dreams. With goals of influencing the music business, this year she expands her vision to Europe. Going mainstream in 2021, this incoming year Denisa partners with the world’s largest music companies to launch a game changer in the Balkans. | IG: @denisaaxhami 

Devin Roy – 28 year old emerging artist Devin Roy’s debut album “Underneath (The Grey Sky)” is a heartfelt ode to Roy’s artistry and the journey he’s had to embark on to find himself. Giving content insight into his evolution as an artist and a man. The 15-track body of work is ripe with clever and introspective rhymes laced over a wide array of production ranging from bass heavy beats, to sample based production. Influences from Trap to R&B to Jazz and old school hip hop help to create a dynamic and fascinating atmosphere throughout the project. | IG: @papifrio 

DJ Skyscream – David Singh also known as DJ Skyscream is a Canadian DJ/producer from Toronto, Canada. He is also from Guyanese descent. Skyscream has created a versatile blend of music with Dancehall, R&B, EDM, Pop, Rap, Hardtrap/Festivaltrap, Grime and Latin. Skyscream has landed himself on blogs and magazines such as THIS IS 50, Buzz music, Purple Melon, MusicTalentPool, OutThaBando, Commotion Magazine, Music Crowns and more. He has been on radio stations and TV networks such as 107.9 fm Hamilton Ontario, NYC HOT 98.6, 104.7 KISS FM, Culturevate radio, RNH.108, FOX, TLC, CNN, DISCOVERY and much more. He has also caught the interest by Def Jam Recordings, Sony Music, Warner Music and more. His music has been downloaded by DJs such as Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, Yellow Claw, Alesso, Zedd, DVBBS Marshmellow, The Chainsmokers and more. | IG: @djskyscream 

Everyday Straight – Everyday Straight has been a leader in the digital marketing/PR space all 2022. Helping businesses, artists, and NFT collections by getting them published in mainstream news publications, and giving them the tools to properly leverage the credibility that comes with major news placements. With years of experience in digital marketing Everyday Straight can help you reach new audiences and build online credibility for your work. If you are in need of an online marketing strategy, or do not have much of a google presence Everyday Straight is definitely a business you want to check out! | IG: @everydaystraight

Eze Francis – Eze Francis just dropped a hot new single titled “Made Men”. His new song talks about the trials and tribulations of coming from the bottom and making it out. Rules to the streets and how to move with honor and respect. Check it out now along with his latest release “Know Me”. Eze Francis is one of the hottest artists in the game! | IG: @WhoisFranchise

FIFTY VINC – Vincent Jewell is a 27 year old independent music producer, composer for TV/film and founder of FIFTY VINC from Luedinghausen, Germany. FIFTY VINC has produced songs for artists in Germany and across the globe. As a result, Vincent Jewell created multiple beats and scores which have amassed millions of views. His excellence in producing epic and cinematic beats and compositions has gotten him recognized globally. Vincent Jewell’s had the privilege of working with some of the big names and networks in the music industry of several nations like D12, NBA, NFL, DAZN, ProSieben, RTL, UFC & many more. | IG: @fiftyvinc_official

FlipstyleFlipstyle, founder of Street Music Records and Contego Media, just followed up his Metadata & Quantum albums with his epic 3rd album of 2022, Superhero Villain, and continues to innovate entertainment with songs such as Modern Entertainment, Pt. 1, iZoom, and What It Do. Working alongside the amazing Trillest Entertainment, Flipstyle has been able to reach a new fan base of listeners and help catalyze a positive uptick and change in the entertainment industry as a whole. Because of all the craziness and uncertainty in the world right now, Flipstyle is excited to announce his partnership with All Purpose Survival, helping provide the world with the Highest Quality Survival/Safety Products & Gear. You can expect a lot more music, videos, and movies from this talented artist. Be sure to follow @FlipstyleMusic on IG, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat and visit: to stay tuned for more exciting Flipstyle Projects Coming Soon! | IG: @FlipstyleMusic

FlyGuy Rufio – New to the scene is FlyGuy Rufio with a banger called “Yuk it Up”. You might see a similar style sound and comparison to L.A.-based artist TYGA, but one thing we can assure you THIS IS NO CARBON COPY TALENT as you follow the journey!!! FlyGuy (redrose) Rufio is delivering a catchy vibe with his unique mid to high range vocal tone manipulation and smooth playboy lyrics. This record has a smooth vibe that pairs well with the 808’s, synth, and harmonic melodics. It’s certainly a song for the summer. The artist dives into multiple nostalgic moments on the song with samples of quotes of uncle Elroy & Suga w/ their “Nasty Time, Ca$h Makes the KITTY Go Whoo Whoo” quotes!!! It’s always interesting to see an artist pull from an outside the box creative space and FlyGuy Rufio is off to a good start. | IG: @FlyGuyRufio 

Gflow Music – Labeled a hidden gem in mainstream production, Gflow Music is a Los Angeles-based music producer and engineer stands in the spotlight with an impressive catalog. Recognized on BET, Starz, Fox, OWN TV, UFC, he isn’t a stranger to International media platforms. His studio has welcomed stars like Ray J, Lil Zane, Cali Swag, New Boyz, FatBoy SSE, Super Sako, Tohi, Eyad Tannos, and other renowned talents. | IG: @gflowmusic

Gia Jade – Jazz is buzzing on the Hollywood scene with new artists stepping out in the spotlight. Gia Jade is a jazz guitarist and bassist with a passion for creating music in the key of contemporary jazz. Her musical recordings represent a sound that embraces Latin Jazz, Classic Jazz, and Blues. Gia Jade was introduced to the festival circuit several years ago at the International Jazz Day Festival in Phoenix where she was brought to the stage by the legendary George Benson. She continues to receive accolades of support for bringing a refreshing and modern feeling to the sound of jazz. Gia Jade’s live performances include appearances at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood and The Microsoft Theater. She has also appeared on the Fox Morning Show live in Los Angeles. As an artist, Gia Jade’s influences include George Benson, Brian Culbertson, Joyce Cooling, and Lee Ritenour. Gia Jade is set to release a new EP in the summer of 2022. | IG: @GiaJadeMusic 

Gigahurtz – If you need positive inspiration, daily aspiration and daily growth, look to DJ mogul, top charting producer and marketing guru Gigahurtz. He has established himself over the past decade as a DJ and marketing director of many of the top nightclubs in Portland, OR. Generating millions in the industry and spreading his influence thoroughly, he is on his way to becoming one of the most influential people in the music business. 

Finding success as a DJ led him to entering the production side as a credible record producer.  Having a #1 record in Asia under his belt, his next project includes his involvement with 6x Grammy Award winner Malik Yusef, in which the Portland native will executive produce a one of a kind Album/Docu-Series. This material will feature himself alongside some of the world’s top up and coming talent scouted by Gigahurtz.  He is a force to be reckoned with and has plans on leaving a lasting impact on the music and entertainment industry. Stay in touch with this guru as he offers daily gems on his instagram, including music production, Spotify growth, brand building and marketing tips. | IG: @GigaHurtz.DJ

Guapo Brown – Up and coming new unsigned artist David Brown, famously known as Guapo Brown is putting Creek, Michigan on the map. The talented artist started off doing poetry, then singing. He felt like he had something different and unique to offer to the industry. He’s been making music since 2020 receiving cosigns from Scott Storch, Busta Rhymes, The Game and has features with Fivio Foreign and Lil TJay in the Mix. The breakthrough artist dropped his latest single “Fucked Up” which is speculated to take the industry by surprise has shown from his quality of songs, his dedication and hard work to make a difference In the American music industry, even without a major label behind him. Guapo Brown  is at the point where it is safe to say he is one of the fastest rising stars in America. | IG: @GuapoBrown0 

HazeOPC – Haze OPC has been busy working, building, and battling. The Official Paper Chasers boss is dropping his newest single “Together” off of the sequel My GOD, Myself, My Family & I. In GOD We Trust, the prequel to My GOD, Myself, & I. In GOD I Trust. Hot off the press and being named 1 of the hottest artists you need to know in 2022, International Haze isn’t taking anything for granted and is forever seizing the opportunity. Picking up from where the story left off, Haze OPC is doing what he does best, delivering another record that captures his lyricism. Be sure to check out his latest single and remember just as the words in the song says, “Get everything together make sure you have all the pieces together, if it can’t be replaced it’s priceless, most things can’t stand the test of time.” | IG: @Mr_paper_chaser_opc 

Hunnit Milez – Born in Trenton New Jersey, Hunnit Milez began making music in 2018 as a way to make it out the hood. Looking to change the situation for himself as well as his family, Milez diligently worked on mastering his craft as a hip-hop songwriter and performer. His wholehearted delivery and authentic lyrics set the tone for his signature street / trap sound you hear today. Hunnit Milez credits Lil Wayne, Fabolous, and Meek Mill as his biggest musical influences. Milez’s music gives you something to look forward to as he shares his life story thru personal experiences you can relate to. Being a Hunnit Milez fan takes you on a special journey to witness his growth as a man and how far he has come. Milez hopes to inspire and motivate people who come from a situation like his and encourage them to feel like they can do it too. In other words, “going from nothing, to something”. | IG: @iamhunnitmilez

Ike Rhein – Ike Rhein is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but is now based in Miami, Florida. Ike Rhein discovered his voice and passion for music at a young age. He learned how to play numerous instruments, and began creating melodies, compositions, and songs as a child. He has accumulated millions of streams and views and has garnered a sizable social media following. Ike Rhein has worked with various talents such as YN Jay and multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Vinny DeLeon. His latest release, “Messed It Up,” features platinum recording artist Luh Kel and was mastered by Grammy-nominated Andy Vandette. The music video for “Messed It Up” has since eclipsed 1 million views. With a fusion of futuristic notes and nostalgic vocals, Ike Rhein’s distinctive sound is on its way to the forefront of the global stage. IG: @IkeRhein 

John Schayer – John Schayer is a celebrated bassist and member of the iconic rock group, The Hollywood Stars. Schayer started out as a member of a major talent roster playing in the circuit with Randy Rhoads(Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne) and Randy Castillo(Ozzy Osbourne). During his time with the rock group, The Touch, Schayer performed as lead bassist jamming with his band mates Bob Welch(Fleetwood Mac) and Dallas Taylor(Crosby Stills and Nash). John Schayer also found synergy with Ken Khristian and Dallas Taylor in their own power rock ensemble, Hardly Small. His continued success is a true testament about the power of persistence and embracing his great gifts as a musical artist. John Schayer is currently working in the studio on a major solo project release coming soon in 2022. | IG: @johnnyschayer 

Lee Charm – Singer and songwriter Lee Charm releases his new video for his single “Alone” on Sony Orchard! This Hip-Hop/R&B infused track is packed with a smooth bass, catchy lyrics and a hot and sexy soulful tone that anyone can vibe to. Written from a personal place and mixture of experiences, this relatable song does not disappoint. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated EP release coming soon. Many artists are blessed with talents, but Lee Charm is one of a kind, and has captured the hearts of his many fans with his electrifying performances. “I want the world to know that I am a dreamer and a fighter who dares to be himself at any means necessary.” The video encompasses the concept of being “Alone” with a great display of bright colors and beautiful city skylines. Lee Charm definitely gets his message out that he doesn’t care what the haters have to say! | IG: @LeeCharmSings 

Lex Lavo – Lex Lavo is definitely someone you want to know in 2022. Being Spanish Harlem’s very own, Lavo is a versatile artist whose love for music runs deep, with roots deriving from his core. Being well-known in the New York underground and having an international, extensive reach, this multi-dimensional artist represents the voice of the people. Being in the game for over a decade, he has studied his passion thoroughly and has expanded his range, utilizing his expertise, such as singing love songs and rapping bar-heavy lyrics simultaneously. Listen to a few of his tracks and you can automatically tell that he effortlessly excels in moving his listeners’ souls through the music he creates. He’s been lowkey, working on music, getting ready to shake the world up with what he has coming. Stay tuned to see what is coming next. | IG: @ Lexlavo 

Loco Los – Loco Los is an independent artist from Tampa Bay, Fl. He is back to making music after 16 yrs. Making music for the memories. His latest single “Sippin My Cafe” featuring his daughter is creating a buzz across the nation and even worldwide. A true cool, collect, positive vibe song. Sippin My Cafe has been pushed, via video drop, by 2 legends, so far, in the Hip Hop game, both Fat Joe and Jadakiss. Loco Los is set to release his full project “Return of the Los” this year, 2022. Don’t miss everything because you didn’t sip with him, you didn’t sit with him. #sippinmycafe | IG: @Loco_Los_813

M2ThaK – The entertainment business, no matter what part of it you participate in, is a hard business and ever-changing business to navigate. It takes dedication, consistency, and most importantly grind to becoming successful in a business some would consider saturated. M2ThaK has learned early on how to move strategically in the entertainment world, which allowed him to become a celebrity rapper, YouTuber, social media influencer, and entertainment mogul. Based out of Las Vegas, NV his fans know him for his dope music, original pranks, and authority patrol series which made him a star on YouTube. | IG: @M2ThaKShow  

Malcolm Allen – Baltimore businessman Malcolm Allen is an east coast power player. Swerving as the VP of the 1924 Music Group, under the direction of owners Jonathan Hawthorne and brother Ivory William Hawthorne, Allen runs the day-to day operations for the label. From facilitating artist releases, to setting up studio sessions, he steps in when needed and can be seen managing talent such as Yung Inkky and GG C Mals. With platinum selling artist Qui Qui Martin (former lead singer of Isyss) on the 1924 roster, he is instrumental in breaking in the new wave of music stars and shedding light on those that paved the way for the new generation. With the support of Grammy Award Winning producers Drumma Boy Fresh and Troy Taylor, he is in the company of some of the best to ever do music. But Malcolm Allen comes from humble beginnings. Having done a 216 month bid in federal prison, he was determined to channel his knowledge and wisdom into 2020, he has turned his life around in order to become an influential force in the music business. Malcolm Allen is on a path to leave a musical legacy behind to his family. | IG: @Malcolm_1924_VP

Magi Camaj – NYC’s very own Margaritë Camaj, Esq., also known as Magi Camaj, is one of the most versatile human beings you can come across. As an Albanian woman from The Bronx she’s experienced duality in a strong sense. Being a multifaceted woman, she never allowed anyone to place her in a box. Constantly breaking ceilings, she’s now an Entertainment Attorney, Entrepreneur, and a Professor. She’s the co-founder and co-partner at The Camaj & Lee Firm, founded by two multifaceted and diverse women, along with her law partner Margaret Lee. Magi Camaj is also a 21x Author, a powerful Creative, and a spoken-word Artist. Her pen game can’t be touched by anyone. She writes bars and passed the bar exam. | IG: @magicamaj

Meikhel – Meikhel Philogene (mononymously known by Meikhel) is the founder and CEO of M.E.I. Recordings. M.E.I. Recordings is a record label, management and public relations company. M.E.I. (“Music. Entertainment. Imagination.”) Recordings is headquartered in Miami, FL. The company works with and represents a ton of talent such as Cameron Dietz and Ike Rhein. In 2021, Cameron Dietz earned a feature from the West Coast legend The Game on his song, “Old Soul.” In 2022, Ike Rhein had platinum recording artist Luh Kel featured on his single, “Messed It Up,” which was accompanied by a music video. Meikhel is also the founder and CEO of Psalm Infinity. Psalm Infinity (stylized as Psalm ∞:∞) is a clothing brand that launched this year. A percentage of its proceeds is donated to a different charity each month in an effort to give back to the community. The people choose the charity each month to increase community engagement and make the process interactive and fun for the community. Visit and for more information. | IG: @Meikhe1 

Miranda Writes – New York City hip-hop artist Miranda Writes has officially released an all-new single and music video for the track “Talk That Talk” to streaming services worldwide. Writes, one of the fastest rising female stars in hip-hop, continues to turn heads in the industry with strong, catchy lyrics and flowing beats. “Talk That Talk” is Writes’ second single of 2022 and follows her previous release, “Winning Szn”, which saw Writes team up with Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer Epikh Pro. Her new single “Talk that Talk” embodies that fierce prowess Hip Hop fans adore from female rappers all while satisfying Hip Hop heads that enjoy a heavy bass and lyricism that’s dope enough for a playback. Miranda Writes has made it clear this time around that she is not only capable of trying out new styles but rocking them as well. There is no doubt that after this release her fans will be hungry for more and not sure what to expect next and that just so happens to be what she loves most about this project. | IG: @Miranda_Writes  

Michelle Plugstar – Oklahoma native and founder of PlugStar Entertainment, Michelle Mackel, represents some of the most talented music artists, actors, authors, influencers, and other professionals across many industries. A professional expert at pitching and forging relationships, Michelle has a proven track record of “plugging” her clients into opportunities that get them in front of wider target audiences. Formally a club owner and producer of live concerts, her knowledge of connecting people, establishing brand development, and awakening opportunities for those looking into making their dreams come true is one of significance. She is a professional who knows how to bring people together and create unforgettable media experiences. A veteran of the United States Army, Michelle knows the value of teamwork and camaraderie, which became the ideals on which PlugStar’s foundation is built. Michelle is committed to the importance of setting goals and pursuing dreams – even when they are not hers. | IG: @PlugStar_SocialClub 

Moonrock Mont – After getting cosigned by Busta Rhymes, Moonrock Mont is staying consistent by dropping some wavy visuals! Moonrock Mont came a long way from Dallas, Tx and started making big moves in L.A. His sound is one of a kind, but is definitely a vibe. Be sure to check out his “Planet Moonrock” EP. It contains 3 tracks you’ll for sure be nodding your head to. It features the Legendary emcee King Los, and these 2 snapped on Chun-Li 2.0! Needless to say Moonrock Mont is definitely an artist to look out for! | IG: @Moonrockmont

MONDUHGOAT – MONDUHGOAT was born and raised in Mississippi. His journey to becoming one of the greatest rappers set off back in 2018. Since then, he has written songs that stem from the heart and are always fun to listen to. His track “Wealthy” is one of those songs that will set your vibe for the day as you nod to the fantastic beats. Check out Wealthy on the WSE website, Spotify and YouTube today. | IG: @MonduhGoat

Mr. Mosberg BangaMr. Mosberg Banga out of West Philadelphia is an entrepreneur and the founder and owner of the record label Hilltop Coalition Entertainment. Determined to put out good music as a solo artist he also took the initiative to keep his close friends/family alongside him along the way. Mr. Banga has been one fourth of the group Dark Hustlaz Society for the past decade and a half. The group is composed of Mr. Banga, L Crock, Loc, Sam G, and the late J Curtis who was called home from his savior 7 years ago. Ever the multi-taskers, DHS (Dark Hustlaz Society) is on a mission to affect change to bring the sound back to the hilltop the mecca of Philadelphia hip-hop where it started. | IG: @realmosbergbanga @hilltopcoalition

NASCAR RAXX – Rising Pittsburgh, PA, artist NASCAR RAXX got his name because he was always chasing the bag! Growing up he didn’t have a lot, but his parents did what they could to make sure they had a roof over their heads and something to put in their stomachs. NASCAR RAXX says, “what inspired me to make my latest single “Pressure” is that I have a lot of people that say they have my back or that they are on standby if I need anything, but the only thing I need is support to help me get to the next level…but that seems impossible when all I’m surrounded by is people that think everything is a competition, little do they know i’m just trying to feed my family and i’ll do anything extra to make that happen. I’m all by myself in this”. “I am pressure” and people are intimidated by that. | IG: @Raxx_TheDonWonJones 

Ocean Portes – The 20 year old Singer/ Songwriter from Seattle Washington built a lot of buzz in 2020 with the release of her single “Ascend”. This unearthly singer is gearing up for a lot of major releases this year. Being an artist who has consciously begun to tap into their potential, she is attracting a lot of opportunities for her in 2022! Ocean Portes has a very unique style that I see becoming the new wave very soon! | IG: @OceanPortes 

Qnova is an Atlanta based music entertainer, songwriter, host & entrepreneur. She is her own boss as a nail/hair tech and creates natural home-made soaps/candles, and is a “2020″ graduate at Ashford University earning her Bachelor of Arts Sociology in the College of Arts & Sciences, awarded Magna Cum Laude honors. In 2021, Qnova interviewed live on Black Ink Radio, owned by Ceaser Emanuel, & featured in two TV music series, “In The Mix TV Show,” & “The T.R.A.P.”  In Jan. 2022, Qnova gets a podcast interview w/ Dirty Glove Bastard.” Qnova has created & hosted her own rap-battle events at Clubs around Atlanta, & hosted them live on social media. The single, “Check Up,” was chosen to be featured on Snoop Dogg’s mixtapes, “The Return of Doggystyle Records.” Qnova has performed at Gate-Way Center Arena (Sky Hawks halftime), which is co-owned by the American rapper, 2Chainz. 

To name a few, Qnova’s music has been featured with Atlanta’s radio personality on Hot 107.9, Radio God Stu, introduced on air by Mz Shyneka on Streetz Atlanta 94.5, interviewed on Canada’s FM radio station 97.7 Outlaw FM Radio, proceeding her way down to Columbus, Georgia with Nick Da Kid on radio station, Foxie 105Fm (Home of the Breakfast Club), & airs on PUSO 82.3 FM in Columbus, OH. The radio station for Morris Brown College,102.6 (The Situation & The Home of Sheryl Underwood in the Morning), interviews & places her track in rotation. Qnova has performed in popular festivals in Atlanta such as, “Sweet Auburn Festival,” & “Atlanta Hip-Hop Day,” & features in multiple blogs & magazines. | IG: @qnovaofficial

P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest – Rising artist P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest just dropped a hot new album in collaboration with Los Musick. “About Time” features 8 hit singles and is packed with heat! This is definitely one of the hottest albums of 2022! If you don’t know P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest, get familiar with him now because he’s quickly rising to the top and here to stay! | IG: @InstaPat

Quest LA – Los Angeles’ very own, Quest LA, is making his hometown very proud as a prominent rising rap star. Riding out the recent success of his highly anticipated “A Guy Called Quest” EP, released this year, he straddles the fence between being a stone cold lyricist and a full time student at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. Being a scholar who knows how to translate his passion and pain into music is something most artists cannot attest to. As he is on pace to become a lawyer, he does not shy away from catching his big break as a rapper, songwriter and performer. He is showing the world that nothing will get in the way of him succeeding and becoming influential in academia and music. On the six track project, you will hear songs that let you know that he is operating from a higher consciousness, referring to his soul and the importance of breaking generational curses. This rising star is hungry, determined and on path to be a heavy hitter in music one single at a time. | IG: @QuestMusiq 

Rashaun Will – In an industry that has evolved so drastically over the years, there’s one artist in particular who has remained consistent while resisting the industry trends. Often times, these trends have sacrificed an artist’s originality, leading to a generic commercial formula. This musical prodigy has evolved in becoming one of the greatest artists to date. Remaining his authentic self in his admirable career catapulted his success as an artist while captivating his audience. Well established with other natural gifts and talents such as wisdom and discernment, he refuses to compromise his personal character and passions for any industry trend. This is Rashaun Will. Stream Rashaun Will’s new album “The Godz II” here. | IG: @Rashaun_Will 

R3X Wonders – The 27 year old Artist/producer/Creative Director/Vfx Designer/Entrepreneur from Pasadena California has been quietly building a giant. With a motto that resonates with the pure artistic values of owning and controlling one’s own visions. R3x has had a hand in building multiple artist careers and multiple businesses all under the umbrella called “Som3wh3r3.” Where exactly? We don’t know yet but from the hints and consistent releases done in such a stealthy and calculated manner we can only assume we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. We’re excited to see what’s been lurking underneath. | IG: @r3xwonders @som3wh3r3

Saige Wolley – Saige Wolley is a 23 year old hip-hop artist from Portland, Oregon. He has been building constant momentum all 2022. This year Saige Wolley has already released three singles in preparation for his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Two Summers’ slated for April 12, 2022. Keep an eye on this up and coming rapper as he continues to push the envelope in the Portland music scene. | IG: @saigewolley

Sharoyce Antwan – Rising Indiana based artist Sharoyce Antwan just dropped a hot new single titled “Money Hungry” which has almost 50,000 streams on Spotify and will soon be reaching a million views on TikTok. Money Hungry is currently #10 on the DRT’S Top 150 Independent Artists chart and # 18 on the DRT Rap/HipHop chart. Money Hungry is an anthem for the working class female. | IG: @ShaRoyce_ 

Shellydecibels – Rising 20 year old Ireland based rapper/singer Shellydecibels has been making music for just over a year and half now. He has perfected his craft and mixes his own vocals to give his music that personal touch. Shellydecibels’ says his new single is “about a girl that I need to call me cuz she’s so damn fine but she can figure it out herself cuz I’m not saying no names”. Check it out now and follow him on IG for his latest releases. | IG: @ShellyDecibels 

Sherrell Monique – Rising artist Sherrell Monique just released a new hit single “Feel So Good”. This song is to let everyone know love can be found. You just have to be patient and it gives hope to those searching, it also says this is how you should feel when you’re with someone, not mad, sad, unhappy or depressed. The energy should be like the lyrics in this song and more. | IG: @SherellMonique757 

Snakechild – Originally from NJ, Snakechild has been making a name for himself in LA for the last couple of years. Legendary guitar player, record producer, and taste maker, he is someone you are going to hear a lot about in 2022. With a vast array of musical talent and expertise he is someone to keep an eye on in coming months, with lots of new music in the works and a passion for the art expect a ton of great music to come from Snakechild. | IG: @snakechild_

Splash Downey – Don’t be surprised if you’re hearing the name of Portland-based 23-year-old Splash Downey a lot more by the end of 2022. Splash has a knack for creating vibrant, catchy melodies with a terrific ear for production. His latest single Sun’s Out feels like a windows-rolled-down summer hit from the get-go. Relocated in LA, Splash is making waves in the booming pop-rap scene led by names like The Kid LAROI and Dominic Fike. It seems like only a matter of time before we’re hearing about Splash a whole lot more. | IG: @splashdowney

Sound Alive Records – E. Smitty (Founder/CEO Sound Alive Enterprise, LLC.) is taking music distribution to new heights with new technology, becoming the first Record Label/Music Distributor to offer royalty payments in Crypto Currencies such as “$XRP $XLM $IOTA” & Many more. CEO/Founder of Sound Alive Records “E. Smitty” has always been a proponent of authenticity. Smitty believes in “creating” trends, not “following” them. Being a loud voice in crypto for tokens such as $XRP, E. Smitty has transformed his record label & music distribution company into forward thinking technology that will not only allow the artist to be paid faster, but help artists utilize these payments with available marketing & promotions options. Sound Alive Records specializes in hip hop music but is open to all genres of music. 

With over 25 years of experience in the music business CEO/Founder “E. Smitty” has invested his entire life and effort into making a real change in music and culture. Smitty fully understands the obstacles, trials and tribulations and the checks and balances that will help ensure a successful music career. Sound Alive Records was born in 2015 & solidified with a Distribution Agreement with Orchard/SONY. Sound Alive Records was founded on the principles of “Hard Work, Creativity & Talent”. Sound Alive is interested in working with Artists, Bands & Musicians who might not “Understand” the “Industry” but are ready to be coached and learn the most valuable skills to own, operate and succeed in the business. | IG: @Sound_Alive_Rec

Supastylez – Christian Rodriguez A/k/a “Supastylez” is an American music producer from Morristown New Jersey. Supastylez has worked with artists such as 50 cent, Styles P, The Lox, Lloyd Banks, Camron, Sen City, Roy Purdy, A-Mafia, Jr Writer, Sheek Louch, Vado, Fred The Godson, J.hires and many others. He is best known for producing for The Lox. Supastylez released his latest EP “Martian Music” August 28, 2021. | IG: @TheRealSupaStylez 

Trillest EntertainmentTrillest Ent. is the global leader in digital music marketing and management working with 10k+ artists annually and 250+ media outlets. They are the #1 music promo company in the world whose clients include major artists and record labels such as: Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Fat Joe, Dave East, Vinny Cha$e, Gillie The King, The Heatmakerz, Safaree, Trill Sammy, Layzie Bone, The Game, DJ VIP, E-40, Mistah Fab, Epic Records, Sick Wid’ It Records, and many others. Trillest Entertainment is a name you definitely want to know in 2022 as they continue to dominate the music industry. | IG: @TrillestEnt 

Yung GwapaYung Gwapa also known as Vernon A Dean, is more than just an artist; he is a businessman. The 80’s baby came up on the southside of Chicago and transitioned to doing work worldwide. His endeavors include movies, music, management, and many other things. Recently, he dropped his newest single, “Jugg,” on all streaming platforms. As an executive, he has made significant strides with his artist GSambo. His success in Virginia and beyond is a testament to their hard work and knowledge as a business person. | IG: @RealGwap 

Z-Wayne – Formally working with Roc Nation and other teams, Z has built quite a following for his sound. Encompassing millions of streams, Wayne has a certain it factor few rising stars have. His standout track a few years back, “Ibaka,” gives Z an advantage because it shows that he can produce music that can go viral worldwide. Now he aims to become a household name in hip hop and drop consistent bangers all 2022. Coming off a hiatus, Z-Wayne released ‘Pema’ December 8th which showcases an older more well rounded version of himself who still carries the youthful energy of his younger days. | IG: @tharealzwayne 

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