World-renowned adult entertainment company (commonly misspelled as Milf) takes to the gridiron this football season. Mylf is offering to sponsor many, including your fantasy football league for the first time ever! The adult company has put together an exclusive swag package for you and your league that you can’t get anywhere else. But more on that, shortly.

Fantasy Football got its start in the 1960s in a New York City hotel room, and as the game has aged, it has gone through various evolutions and taken on different forms. Fast-forward to today, and fantasy sports are more popular than ever, with over 60-million people participating yearly in North America. The 2021 season will be no exception, and fantasy league fans are excited to get started.

Fantasy Leagues are an excellent way for sports enthusiasts to bring more excitement to their season, and if you’re the betting type, a great way to make some cash. With the new season right around the corner, now is the time to start planning the aesthetic for you and your teammates.

So why should you choose as your draft and league sponsor? Well, let’s dive into that a little bit and talk about what is included in the swag package and learn more about

What Is

As many readers might already know, is the leader in creating the internet’s best and hottest milf driven content. Releasing fresh content daily and constantly expanding their series and model roster, Mylf has become a staple in adult entertainment. The company has won several awards over the years and is one of the highest viewed channels in the adult space. They’re ultra famous for having some of the hottest exclusive hit series like Mom Drips and Mylfwood. Along with exclusive footage showcasing videos from Camsoda and many other X Series. You’ll find footage featuring hot moms such as Brandi Love, Penny Barber, and Krissy Lynn. This is just scratching the surface though! You’ve gotta see for yourself to get a good idea of what’s there for every member. 

If you are a current or potential new fan of the content Mylf produces, then you can understand the appeal of sponsorship from the adult film giant. Get your draft swag before it’s too late! The exclusive content has never been released and they’ll even be releasing football niche-related scenes as the season progresses.

Let’s take a look at some of the goodies included… 

What’s In the Box?

There isn’t a person out there who doesn’t love free merch. Understanding this simple life pleasure, Mylf has put together a package promoting fantasy football and the Mylf brand. Some of the items you can expect in this package include planners, drinking cups, pens, and so on.

More importantly, is the apparel, including super comfy dad-hats, and finally the pièce de résistance—the Mylf fantasy football league trophy. What better bragging rights than winning your entire league and then having a solid trophy to commemorate your victory. Mylf has got you covered in all departments!

To make the sponsorship even better, Mylf is offering a cash prize to help participants secure the bag this football season. Your league deserves the best, so when it comes to choosing your sponsorship, going with Mylf is a no-brainer.

How to Get Your Sponsorship & Draft Swag

If you or your league are interested in obtaining sponsorship by Mylf this season, you can contact the Mylf team via their Twitter or Instagram accounts. To learn more about, and their involvement with Fantasy Football this year, follow Mylf on all social media platforms. Check out the official MYLF site!

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