This is the piano that will be up for auction.
This is the piano that will be up for auction.

Yoshiki of X Japan to Auction 'Crystal' Piano for Earthquake, Tsunami Relief

Yoshiki, drummer, pianist and songwriter for legendary Japanese hard rock band X Japan, is auctioning his "crystal" plexi-glass piano, according to a recent press release. The reason? He's raising funds for earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

This is the piano that will be up for auction.
This is the piano that will be up for auction.

L.A.-based Yoshiki was in Japan at the time of earthquake, where the band had been at work on what will be their first full-length album to be released in the U.S. They have already released five studio albums.

Just days before a 9.0 earthquake hit northeastern Japan, Yoshiki hosted the Asia Girls Explosion fashion event in Tokyo.

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In the statement, Yoshiki said, "It took awhile to locate my mother, but she is, thankfully, OK," adding that his X Japan bandmates-- Toshi (vocals), Pata (guitar), Sugizo (guitar, violin, also of the band Luna Sea) and Heath (bass)-- are alright.

"I am praying for the people here who are still trying to locate their family and friends," he said in the statement.

As for the piano, it's something easily recognizable to X Japan fans. It's called the "Yoshiki Signature Piano by Kawai," a custom piece with the musician's name engraved on it, which you can see in the photo.

Yoshiki will also be fundraising through Yoshiki Foundation America. The charity launched last year with an event at Club Nokia.

Though the band has been together for over twenty years, it was only in 2010 that they began courting their U.S. audience, first with a string of music video shoots in January and continuing with a high-profile appearance at Lollapalooza, followed by a fall tour. X Japan's first U.S. single, "Jade," was set for release today. According to the statement, it has been postponed due to the situation in Japan.

We'll update as more details become available.


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