This poor man was almost killed by his favorite "grunge" band
This poor man was almost killed by his favorite "grunge" band

Why is Soundgarden Trying to Kill Their Fans? [UPDATE: To Sell Them Guitar Hero???]

[UPDATE: 9/28. Apparently the "secret show" fans risked their lives too was a big commercial for the Guitar Hero videogame. Protip: the longer you spend with the little colorful buttons on that toy guitar, the less you're likely to actually play like Soundgarden!]

Original post from 9/27:

This "secret show" by major bands bullshit is getting completely out of control.

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This morning Soundgarden fans who have surrendered their personal info to the band through some website they have, were sent the following message:

Soundgarden is playing an invite-only, short set tonight at an undisclosed location in the LA area. Since you're a fan, we wanted to give you a chance to attend. Here's how. Drop what you're doing right now and come to Amoeba Music at 6400 Sunset Blvd. (@ Cahuenga), Hollywood, CA 90028, starting at 11am - ask the fat guy with the glasses and bald head (that's me!) back in the Country section corner about Telephantasm, and I'll give you a pair of wristbands and information that will get you into the show. Only members who have Soundgardenworld accounts as of 9/26 are eligible.

That's right: drop what you're doing (your job, for example) on a Monday. At noon. DURING THE WORST HEAT WAVE IN RECORDED LA WEATHER HISTORY.

Soundgarden: stop trying to kill your fans, ok? That's not very grunge of you.

Oh, the irony:


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